February 2016

Editor's Note: Because the More You Know...

Author: Maggie Washo | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

Reading has always been a preferred method of entertainment and escape for me. I can remember settling into a cracked blue bench seat with The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes on the daily bus ride home from school. The smell of diesel would slowly drift away as I entered the apartment at 221B Baker Street to join Holmes and Watson on another adventure. I was so engrossed that a friend would literally have to shake my shoulder to let me know we had arrived home. Nowadays, I mostly read to learn something new; works of fiction have taken a backseat to an insatiable thirst to become more intelligent on one subject or another.

I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how important reading is, which is ironic, given my occupation. But a quote from Emory Campbell really struck me while I was proofing this month’s issue. In an article to promote the tenth anniversary of Cooks & Books (a local fundraiser for The Literacy Center), he said this: “The Literacy Center is one of the most essential agencies in the region for helping to ‘level the socio economic playing field.’ Tom Friedman’s bestselling book The World is Flat is predicated largely on a theory that if literacy is common in the world’s population, a more equal and harmonious world would be possible.”

I think what struck me most about those two sentences is that there are adults among us who can’t read. Shocking. I’ve always thought of reading like riding a bike or swimming: Once you know how to do it, you never really think about it again. With all of the doors and worlds that reading opens, I think this is a cause we can all get behind. For more information on the event, and to see hometown celebs share their favorite books, turn to page 148.

For another interesting article, check out Kent Thune’s piece on “How to Cure Affluenza.” (page 135). This should be required reading for all new parents. This issue also brings back Gentlemen of the South, profiles of local businessmen in a Q & A format. One of the questions we asked them was to share their favorite book. I think their answers give a peek into their personalities, and I really enjoyed “getting to know them.”

I hope you enjoy this issue. Now that it’s been created, I’m off to READ my favorite sign in the whole wide world: “Welcome to Disney World, Where Dreams Come True.”

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