December 2015

January 2016: Editor's Note

Author: Maggie Washo

When I was younger, I had a mad crush on David Hasselhoff. Not the David Hasselhoff who ran around in a red bathing suit with a flotation device. The David Hasselhoff who spoke to his British-accent speaking car, Kitt, through a watch. I want you to reserve judgment on my taste in men as an eight-year-old. My tastes evolved, and within a few years, Pierce Brosnan was my new idea of the perfect man. He went on to become James Bond, so I stand behind that assessment even today. But I digress.

A thought occurred to me, as I learned how to use my new Apple watch, that the future has arrived. We have self-driving cars that talk to us and we can accept calls on our watch (as long as our phone is in the near vicinity). What an amazing time to be alive! As we begin the year 2016, truly, anything is possible. I can’t wait to see what the human race comes up with next.

The CH2 team came up with a few new things to talk about this month. Barry and Courtney debate Playboy’s decision to stop printing nudes in this month’s Line in the Sand column. Our contributing art director Tom Staebler (Playboy’s former art director) shared with me that this decision had been on the table for decades—but it’s interesting that 2016 is the year they chose “unveil” their new business plan.

For the articles you are looking for (or hiding from?) in a January issue, turn to pages 31 and 73. Kent Thune gives advice on how to keep your resolutions and save more money this year, which is most likely one of your resolutions.

My favorite article, however, is the one that starts on page 55. Linda Hopkins talks about learning to forgive—and if you read ONE article in this issue, this should be the one. Reading this piece changed my column for the month and my attitude. Sometimes you need a little attitude adjustment—to see things in a whole new light. Don’t like the world you see? Change the lens through which you view it. Only you have that power.

Be better. Do better.
Make 2016 the best year yet!

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