December 2015

Amanda (Lenns) and Chris (Lane)

Author: Special to CH2 | Photographer: Abri Kruger Photography

It was early May in 2011 when Chris’s cousin Meaghan (one of Amanda’s college friends) came to visit New York City. When Meaghan revealed that she had some plans with “a bunch of girls from UGA” that night, it didn’t take much convincing to get Chris and his friends out the door.

When Meaghan and the boys arrived, Amanda was the only girl who had shown up thus far (her punctuality is well noted amongst friends and family!). A quick smile and hello was all Chris needed to know right then and there that this girl was the one for him.

A full night of BYOB at Fu Sushi later, Chris realized that he hadn’t gotten Amanda’s number before they parted ways. He tracked her down through Meaghan, but was told at the last minute not once, but twice, that Amanda couldn’t make it. Nothing more attractive than a girl playing hard to get! She eventually agreed to a first date and they have been inseparable since that night.

Two and a half years of dating later, with the help of friends and family, it was time to make it official. On a snowy New York morning that wasn’t even 40 degrees, Chris had to somehow find a way to get Amanda outside. A walk through Central Park before brunch with her girlfriends would do the trick.

As they walked through snow-covered Central Park, Amanda wanted to stop and take pictures everywhere, only adding to the stress of the day for Chris, who secretly had people waiting and hiding with cameras in the park.

When they finally got to Duck Pond, Chris walked Amanda through the snow and got down on one knee and popped the question. After what felt like 10 minutes, but in fairness was probably 10 seconds, Amanda said “yes” with tears of joy streaming down her face (and Chris cried too but this is the first time we’re making that public!).

Friends and family ran out of hiding with champagne in tow, before they were taken to a surprise brunch with more friends at Tao.

But the biggest surprise of all was waiting that night. Amanda’s family had been hiding in a hotel all day and played it cool, so that when Chris and Amanda showed up for dinner at Buddakan (Amanda’s favorite restaurant) with Chris, she got the delight of her family waiting below at the center table ready for an evening of celebrating.

Amanda and Chris are currently living happily ever after in Atlanta, GA. Ain’t love grand!

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