November 2015

Editor's Note- Be Grateful.

Author: Maggie Washo

As the holiday season approaches, we have time to reflect on another year that’s almost history. Its highlights and lowlights, triumphs and failures. It’s a good time to take stock of your life and ask yourself the existential question we all wrestle with…Am I truly happy? Some would argue if you are asking such a question, you probably aren’t. To that I say poppycock. It’s good to check in with yourself once a year. Ponder these three things honestly:

Am I giving more than I’m taking?
Am I making people smile or making people crazy?
Am I thankful for what I have?

I’m going to share my Top 10 Reasons to Be Thankful to inspire you to get started on your own list.

• I’m thankful for my sweet puppy, Lucy.
• I’m thankful that the Lowcountry was spared, yet again, from a major weather event last month. I’m also grateful to live in a town where so many of our citizens rallied quickly to help our neighbors to the North with money and other donations.
• I’m thankful we have SO MANY people trying to be our next President.
• I’m grateful that I have friends and family to love – and they are all in relatively good health. (Sorry kids- hangovers don’t count.)
• I’m thankful for Walt Disney and his genius.
• I’m grateful for Italian food. All of it.
• I’m thankful to my hard-working and passionate staff for putting together all of these pages every month with minimal grumbling.
• I’m grateful for Star Wars, The Force Awakens. This is of course, premature, but I know it’s going to be epic.
• I’m thankful for long walks on a Saturday around an Island I call home.
• I’m grateful to YOU, loyal CH2 & CB2 reader. Thanks for making my dreams come true every day.

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

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