May 2007

Capture a Rainbow - With Clothing from Fresh Produce

Author: Nancy Lee Honey

Did you catch the rainbow framing 278 a few weeks ago? No worries. Only a seagull’s wing flap away from Hwy 278, in Coligny Plaza, is an earthly array of brilliance incorporated in delightful “Fresh Produce.” No Thanksgiving turkeys can be ordered here; instead discover a world of wonderful screen prints, fabulous fashions and fabrics in beautiful rainbow colors. Whether you are a mom with a toddler or a grand mom, Fresh Produce will evoke happiness in every hue imaginable. If “Shop till ya drop” is your MO, even an all-day spree in Fresh Produce could not uncover all its delightful secrets.

Owned and operated by a charming husband and wife team, George and Kimberly Mischik, the amazing store, known for its screen prints, is filled with unusual designs in blouses, skirts, shorts and dresses. “We are definitely seeing a resurgence of dresses, and Capri pants are still very strong,” said Kimberly, producing a lovely lime green and turquoise sundress to tempt me. The new mom of five-month-old twin boys moved gracefully through stunning fashions, created in Boulder Colorado. “Periwinkle is our best seller followed by corals, and cocoa. Customers usually choose a print for the bottom and a coordinating solid top,” said Kimberly, handing me an exciting, flounced periwinkle skirt.

Whether you are seeking a two-piece bathing suit (yellow polka dot bikini) or something to hide more than a few unwanted pounds (the “Extra Fresh” line), Kimberly and her energetic staff can provide it. A buffet of delight, it’s a spot where artfully-designed styles befriend children’s colorful Adirondack chairs. Little girls sporting ruffled one-piece strap tanks feel comfortable nestling in the sand or settling lazily in their bright yellow Adirondacks with protecting umbrella, next to Mom, who is feeling sassy in an adjustable tank and flirty swim skirt.

After a fun-filled beach day, little ones are slipped into an Island Bouquet jersey dress or a Springtime jersey romper. Over her tan, Mom dons her scrumptious tiered sundress, accented with strikingly unusual Zulugrass beads, handcrafted by the Maasai women of Kenya. Popping into their villa living room, mom and daughter charm a patiently waiting daddy into an evening of music and island fun.

Eclectic Fresh Produce mesmerizes, revealing wonderful stretch broadcloth jackets, beautiful gauge tops and Capri’s, stitched stripe canvas flops, reversible floral totes, and of all things, packable sun hats! Catchy jewelry and clever watches rest across the room from shelves sprinkled with Vera Bradley Adorables. Beach or city, Fresh Produce carries creations for all different lifestyles.

Fresh Produce not only enthralls locals and visitors, it takes credit for daily delighting the lives of George and Kimberly. “We love what we do,” said George, the store’s financial wizard. “It’s a fun atmosphere, and the colors make everyone happy! Our staff has been with us the five years since we opened, and we look for additional good people through the busy summer months.”

“You cannot help but be happy when you walk in our door,” Kimberly said, smiling at George. “We work well together and plan additional stores in the future.” Meanwhile, the Mischiks love spending time with their twin boys, relaxing at the beach with their black lab, JoJo, and dreaming about capturing a few more rainbows.

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