November 2015

Letters to the Editor: November 2015

Author: Special to CH2

Good morning,
I am a former Marine who knows hundreds of former Marines. None of the guys I know look anything like the big boy with a USMC tattoo displayed in your magazine (Sept 2015) on the page entitled “The Inappropriately Dressed Couple.” I will use the term “distasteful”; my brother Marines have different terms for that picture and the poser in it. It appears the people involved with your magazine are of the mindset that the Corps is filled with lowbrow, uneducated Neanderthals and cavemen. Hate to disrupt your image, but it is not so. Go to Parris Island someday in your busy life and meet and speak with the young people graduating. Meet the best this country offers. Maybe you’ll get a clue.
Chuck LeBold
USMC ‘67-’70
Hilton Head Island, SC

M. Washo Responded

Mr. LeBold,
Shame on us!
The tattoos were put on the models post-production by the photographer and, to be honest, I never really looked that closely at them. We have a retired Marine working in the office with us! Do you mind if I print your letter in our Letters to the Editor so we can apologize publicly in the next issue?
Thanks for pointing out our faux pas. We certainly did not mean to be disrespectful of anyone who has served our country.


Hi Maggie,
Becca Edwards’ article is some of the best writing I’ve seen in a long time. Content. Keep it up.
Best regards,


Attached is my response to the article that Courtney Hampson and Barry Kaufman put together for the September Issue of CB2. I lead a bible class at Lord of Life church, and this is a subject that we cover frequently. I felt compelled to reply.
Thanks for putting together such a great magazine for the local market and beyond.
James Cuff
Bluffton, SC


Response to “A Line in the Sand”, Do we create our own Destiny?

The simple answer is, yes, but only after the myriad of the free will decisions of all those around us make their decisions. The thesis, in eternity past, before time existed, Lucifer, Son of the Morning, rebelled against God and lost the Cosmic Battle that resulted. After his trial, Lucifer appealed God’s decision to condemn him. Lucifer gained a new title, Satan, advocate or lawyer in the Hebrew dictionary.
His appeal to God, as the Supreme Court of Heaven, consisted of three objections:
1. You made me this way with free will
2. An all-loving God can not condemn His creation
3. If you were me, you could not obey yourself.

God rejected the first two appeals on the grounds that, given our free will, we are responsible for all our actions and decisions. And that an all-loving God cannot compromise His own integrity and overlook sin. If God did this, he would cease to be perfect by His own standards.

God did accept the third appeal. That God, given the same circumstances as Lucifer, could not obey Himself.
God, by becoming Man, would follow the mandates of God using His own free will. Therefore, the stage was set for the creation of man and time in order to resolve the appeal case of Satan. God created time to fulfill the contract requirements of a beginning and end to the contract or trial. He created man lower than the angels but, trichotomous, that is body, soul, and spirit. No Big Bang.

Man with his free will has a choice to decide for God and His plan or not. At the fall, Man using his free will, chose to go to the tree and lost his spirit. God offered him a way out through salvation of His son going to the tree. Adam and Eve accepted the new birth through the grace of God.

So, mankind has free will, but there are presently 7 billion of us all making free will decisions at the same time. These actions all interface and interact with one another, causing some of the things we blame God for.
Through use of our free will, God is asking us to choose Him and His plan, which is basically to live in the sphere of His love. Simply put, mankind is faced with the decision of good vs. evil.

God represents the good. An all-loving God wishing the best for creation.

Satan represents the evil. A creature who, before his fall, lived in the arrogance complex and after his fall lives in the hatred complex, working to have man fail so he can win his appeal.

Could God intervene? Yes. But that would violate our free will, and Satan wins his appeal by default.

That is why good things and bad things happen to both good and bad people. God allows the free will decisions of mankind to run their course without violating each of our own free wills.

God, in His omniscience, knows all the decisions, not only that we make, but also, all the possible alternatives we could have chosen. God, in His foreknowledge, prints out all the actual decisions each one of us make. Theologically, this is called the Doctrine of Divine Decrees, which many have abused and call predestination.

So yes, we make our own destiny, but we are impeded by the same free will decisions of all those around us. Hence, stuff happens: 9/11, Emmanuel 9, drunk drivers, murder, rape, and on and on. What makes acts of terror and hate crimes so heinous is that they rob their victims’ free will and violate their soul.

Martin Luther King said, “Faith is taking that first step in the dark, not knowing where the stair is.”
The Bible says, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and Thou shalt be saved.”

Life is that simple with God and very complicated without Him. Choose to be a person destined to be with God. Only a God with infinite wisdom and love could keep this crazy world within the sphere of His love. But there is a whole lot of hate out there opposing Him. Choose wisely.

We know that one of best of human relations is when two people of their own volition choose to give themselves to one another. There is not only a union of the bodies, but also of the souls. On the divine level, God wants us to have a relationship with Him. He could have pre-programed us to love Him ala robots but instead, He chose to let us choose Him of our own free will.

Christianity is a relationship with God where God has done all the work. We enter by faith and God’s grace. Religion is man’s effort to have a relationship with God through man’s efforts. We enter by works and the world, the flesh and the devil. A lot of the atrocities and bad things that happen are due to the devil’s inability to control all the plans that he has put in motion to oppose God in his appeal.

—James Cuff

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