October 2015

Around the Lowcountry with Style

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Neutral palettes have a positive and soothing effect and when offset with colorful accents, they can be thought provoking. White and creams are perfect for our warm climate as they create an intrinsic cooler interior temperature. The simplicity of the furniture and fabrics paired with the clean moldings and refined building materials create a relaxed yet sophisticated space.

J Banks Design’s 12 professionally degreed designers all operate under the same design philosophy: to design spaces that reflect the intrinsic nature of their clients. Far more important than creating beautiful interiors to show in a portfolio, the team at J Banks Design wants their finished projects to echo their clients personal style, personality and preferences.

Before the first selection is made, the designers ask clients how they live, what they like to do, the way they want to feel inside their home, how the spaces will be used and even what interior styles they don’t like.

Designer and client share a transparent relationship, and all of the communication through verbal and visual examples is used to strategically design together. This forms a level of trust and a team approach which results in projects that are not only aesthetically beautiful, but that also function optimally. J Banks Design’s goal is to make life easier for their clients through thoughtful design solutions that will remain relevant for years to come.

For over 29 years, J Banks Design has made the complicated simple for their client’s so that the interior process is fun and inspiring. As you peruse the firm’s work, you’ll see that their interiors are livable, yet sophisticated; elegant, yet casual; functional, yet breathtaking. The end result of a J Banks Design project has an overall feel of being done well, but no two J Banks’ interiors are the same. The only consistency is that each project exudes style as well as a comfort level that encourages the freedom to live life.

If you are inspired by these projects, make sure to visit J Banks Design’s retail store, located at 35 N Main Street on Hilton Head Island. The store is an extension of their design studio and offers our community sophisticated home décor, artisan inspired gifts and eclectic little luxuries, all gathered during their project travels. It is the perfect venue to gain ideas for your own home or to find out more about how the designers at J Banks can turn your vision into reality.

At the first meeting for this particular project, our client let us know that she wanted to incorporate blue and white throughout the home with fabrics and accents. Our design intent was to provide a sophisticated coastal cottage that would be super comfortable for their casual, family centered lifestyle. We used her personal collections as our design vision and perfectly blended them with fresh new pieces. Various patterns and textures carry the color story throughout, making each room cohesive, yet surprisingly different. Oil rubbed bronze finishes and vintage chart maps add the nautical vibe, and indigenous materials from the Lowcountry were used to add authenticity to the coastal location. The finished interior exudes an effortless style that will remain timeless for years to come.

Our designs are often inspired by the beautiful landscape that surrounds us, and you can see that in this “jewel-box” cottage. The taupe color is taken from the color of the pluff mud found in our marshes; the green is taken from the brighter color of the marsh grass when the tide is low; the blue is taken from the sky at sunset; and the lavender-grey is seen in the shells of the oysters found throughout the Lowcountry. In the dining area, we specified an oyster chandelier to add an unexpected and whimsical touch. One design tip we often share is to use what you love and don’t get caught up with the trendy or expected fads. Your home should be a reflection of you – it’s not how much money you spend, it’s how much of yourself you put into it that makes it feel like home.

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