October 2015

Top Ten Fall Garden Center Favorites at The Greenery

Author: Jamie Harrison

If you step outside early in the morning or sometime after dusk, you can start to feel the change in the air. The dog days of summer with blistering heat and daily pop-up thunderstorms in August and September are now just a somewhat distant memory. Autumn is finally here.

Lowcountry residents’ favorite things about this time of year may include football, salty oysters, pumpkin lattes and cool breezes off the water. But at The Greenery Garden Center, the list of “Top 10 Fall Favorites” looks a little bit different:

1. Pansies, snapdragons and dianthus flourish in the fall and into the winter months, bringing a pop of color to landscapes that might begin to wither following the harsh sun and intense rain of the late summer. These flowers can easily last from September through May, if properly maintained, making them a valuable addition to any landscape.

2. Mums are the flowers everyone seems to turn to for the additional color needed for their home, porch or yard in the fall. With their classic autumn hues of russet, orange and gold, they are popular choices for creating that seasonal feel.

3. Crotons are not the toppings on your Caesar salad. These plants, known for their bold, tropical foliage, are lovely accent plants, adding a splash of color to any yard or container. In our climate, they can flourish outdoors in the cooler fall months or can be used as decorative house plants.

4. Cassia is nicknamed the “Golden Shower Tree” because of its bright yellow flowers that bloom in both the spring and fall. With the absence of changing leaves in our area during the autumn months, this tree adds the illusion of fall foliage and can make a stunning centerpiece for your yard.

5. Ornamental cabbage and kale are popular purchases in autumn months because of their resiliency and ability to grow in cooler weather. They can range in color from white to pink or purple and red. Although they look similar to their edible cousins, ornamental cabbage and kale have ruffled foliage that appears more colorful and a little fancy. Their ease and low maintenance make these plants popular among novice and avid gardeners alike.

6. Camellias are known as the jewel of the winter garden. And here in the South, we are in the heart of camellia country. Often used as anchoring plants, they provide structure to winter gardens with their glossy, evergreen foliage and gorgeous flowers.

7. Ornamental grasses such as muhlenbergia, pampas and pennisetum each have their own distinct look but are all wonderful accent plants for any garden style. These easy-care plants require little maintenance but provide fine texture and graceful beauty to your yard year round.

8. Pumpkins are quite possibly the most popular fall decoration. Besides, what exudes the feeling of fall more than shiny orange or white pumpkins lined up carefully on the front porch, in the center of the table or on the fireplace mantel? When you spot the first pumpkin of the season, you know fall has arrived.

9. Cotton has been a staple crop in the South for generations. Beyond its practical purpose of creating clothes and textiles, cotton now plays a huge role in the decorating world. Cotton brings a touch of earthy elegance both inside and out. Whether used to make wreaths or adorn large metal urns, cotton seems to be the perfect tool to pull a fall setting together.

10. Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas anymore. Now they hang on front doors and in entranceways year round. Wreaths never seem to go out of style and are used to prominently display the theme of the season through ribbons, accents and vegetation.

Just because Halloween is around the corner doesn’t mean your yard has to be “scary” this season. Let the friendly staff of The Greenery help you find these perfect autumn pieces for your house and yard this fall.
The Greenery’s Garden Center, known as one of the best garden centers in the Southeast, has a friendly staff with extensive horticultural knowledge. The Greenery garden staff includes horticulturists, master gardeners and a small garden consultant. The center includes a vast stock of trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, vines, herbs, tools, organic fertilizers, mulch, pine straw and more. The Antiques and Garden Collectible shop is housed in a quaint little church building, purchased by the Edwards family in 1973 and barged to Hilton Head Island. Inside this restored building is a unique collection of antiques, furnishings and lamps, European Garden Planters, terrariums, eclectic gift ideas and home accessories. For information about The Greenery’s Garden Center and Antiques Shop, visit thegreeneryinc.com, contact Jamie Harrison at (843) 785-3848 or follow on Facebook at facebook/thegreeneryinc.com. 

Jamie Harrison is retail manager at The Greenery, Inc.

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