September 2015

Letters to the Editor

Author: Special to CH2

Maggie & Staff,
Don’t know how to thank you for using our bottle as a prop on the August issue of CH2. The impact for us was incredible, including several Facebook posts. Appreciate the exposure from such a classy magazine. Thank-you!

Chris Lane and the entire Hilton Head Culligan Team


Hi Maggie,
I wanted to take a couple of minutes to offer some feedback on the Women In Business issue this month. I love your magazine, I love having the opportunity to contribute to it in a variety of different ways through my advertising, my recipes and my features and I think your team is doing a fabulous job, particularly Kandace. I am, however, incredibly disappointed in the artwork chosen for the cover of the Women In Business issue. It is my opinion that you missed an opportunity to display smart, savvy women in positions of innovation and inspiration and instead the cover displayed two overdone, ditzy “girls” gossiping at the water cooler. The women on this island and within these pages do far more than the cover portrays. I appreciate all of your efforts and all of the tough decisions that you have to make in your industry, but I think this one missed the mark. Thank you for your time, I hope you have a great day. :)

Amanda Russ
Pomodori Italian Eatery


Dear Maggie,
I just read Linda’s “Stepmom” article in this month’s publication. I thought the article was so well written and wanted to let her know, but I cannot locate an email address for her.
37 years ago, I too found myself a stepmom to a 3 year old. I was also childless by choice. Thank goodness (and with some luck) I followed the steps Linda now suggests and have had a very wonderful relationship with my now 40 year old son. As she said happens, the first few years had many ups and downs.
Please thank her for me. I really enjoyed reading the article! Keep up the good work.



Hey Ladies,
Just wanted to drop a quick note: LOVE YOUR JULY COVER! Great colors and I love the font type as well.
have a lovely day!



My kid devours your magazine each month. He’s also a huge fan of Taylor Kent. Mason Riggs Stephens- 6.5 months old Hope you laugh as much as I did!

Tiffany Stephens

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