September 2015

C2 Guest Fashion: An EVENING at THE Arts Center

Author: Special to CH2

Sport Coat by Warren Sewell – $445
Trousers by Charleston Khakis – $115
Dress Shirt by 7 A MacCluer – $105
Necktie by Randy Hanauer – $95
Belt by Buffalo Jackson – $85
Shoes by Boemos – $235

Popover Dress by Julie Jordan – $195
Venetian Glass Necklace by
Karen Carroll – $295
Shawl by Shawlsmith London – $75
Shoes by Gabor – $225

Jacket by Piece of Cloth – $345
Dress by Julia Jordan – $225
Shoes by Andre Assous – $225
Handbag by Beaudin – $155
Belt by Streets Ahead – $125
Necklace by Roberta Sher – $175

Dennis Jaworski and Chuck Hall have been outfitting fun-loving men and women at Palmettoes in Sea Pines Center since 2006. The CH2 team got to see them in action a few years ago when we traveled with them to the Atlanta market on a buying trip. Thanks for filling in guys! Kim Malloy needed a month off, but will return with more sassy fashions in our October issue.

Located at:
71 Lighthouse Road
The Shops at Sea Pines Center

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