August 2015

Randy Jeffcoat Builders - There Is No Substitution for Quality

Author: KENT THUNE | Photographer: Clayton Gerard

Quality, attention to detail, and personal attention. Add these together and you get Randy Jeffcoat Builders, a leading custom home builder on Hilton Head Island for more than 42 years. That formula for success also adds up to an astounding collection of homes that have won countless awards and hundreds of testimonials from clients. A glance through some of these strong recommendations makes it clear why Randy Jeffcoat Builders stands by their motto: “The experience you expect…the quality you deserve… a family you can trust.”

The Randy Jeffcoat Builders custom homes portfolio includes homes built from scratch, remodels, additions, and much more that capture the dreams of the residential clients of Hilton Head Island and Bluffton. Beginning with the client’s vision and ideas, Jeffcoat employs his team of top local craftsmen and the finest building know-how in the industry to take that initial vision to a final product that reflects the client’s style, while complementing the local designs and communities here on Hilton Head Island and in Bluffton.

Headed by Randy himself, their custom home builders firm includes a full suite of professionals that includes artists, designers, architects, and project managers, all who like to call themselves perfectionists.

There are many decisions to make when building a new home and the first decision—selecting the builder—is the most important. Lot decisions, knowledge of code restrictions, and choosing the best floor plan are all aspects of building that require a knowledgeable builder to walk you through the home-building process. For these and all of the remaining decisions to make, a knowledgeable and reputable builder with attention to detail and personal attention is crucial.

But what really sets Randy Jeffcoat Builders apart from other custom home builders is their streamlined process. It is crucial for the builder to be a guide through every step of the way and help clients make the right decisions. Most important, those decisions must be made in the right order and at the right time. Making building decisions out of order, due to a lack of planning ahead of time, can cause expensive modifications.

Randy Jeffcoat Builders has solved this problem with the award winning Design-Build approach, which allows clients to save both time and money by offering a “one-stop shop” for the entire design process. Rhett Jeffcoat, Randy’s son and head of sales and leader in the Design-Build program said, “The program eliminates surprises that can otherwise put projects $25,000 to $50,000 or even $100,000 over budget.”

Design-Build streamlines the entire home building project through a single contract between the owner and the custom home builder. According to the Design Build Institute of America, “This simple but fundamental difference saves money and time by transforming the relationship between designers and builders into an alliance which fosters collaboration and teamwork.”

This valuable and efficient process embodies the Jeffcoat team approach, which coordinates local architects & designers, structural engineers, & landscape architects all working together as a unified professional team. Additionally, if clients aren’t sure what they want or how their ideas might look as a finished product, they can begin their home design vision at the Jeffcoat Builders online Idea Center. Decisions on design ideas, from the kitchen to baths to the ceilings, can be made easily and visually online. From there, the Jeffcoat team can refine the vision and be sure that the design ideas fit into the budget.
“You have the ability to tell us you like option one, option eight or option 108 in our online Idea Center and we can then let you know if and how the design can adapt that feature while maintaining a targeted budget for the overall design” Rhett said.

The entire process employed by Randy Jeffcoat Builders brings to mind the old carpenter’s rule, which simply says, “Measure twice; cut once.”

“It’s best to spend more time up front and eliminate surprises, which can often be more negative than positive,” Rhett said.

Building a custom home can be a complex and arduous process, but it can be an enjoyable one if you are guided with decades of experience and a streamlined plan of how each step along the way affects price, design and the features of the home. Randy Jeffcoat Builders’ logical, team-oriented approach, combined with attention to detail and their personal touch explains why they’ve been a local leader in custom home building for four decades.

The Jeffcoat Family team: Randy, Brenda, Trey and Rhett

When it comes to building something as personal and lasting as your home, there’s no substitution for quality. Therefore, there is no substitution for Randy Jeffcoat Builders. 
If you are looking for a custom home built by an innovative, custom home builder on Hilton Head Island or in Bluffton, contact Randy Jeffcoat Builders at (843) 837-5133. You can also visit them online at

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