August 2015

A Tribute to the Editor

Author: Catherine Davies

In August 2009, I packed my car with my cat, some clothes and a few memories to make the five-hour trek from Asheville, North Carolina to my new home on Hilton Head Island. I had done the impossible (at least in my mind); I had successfully scored the job of ad designer for CH2/CB2 magazine. (Please hold your applause until the end.)

During the second callback interview, I was introduced to my co-workers and thus, only friends on this island. About five minutes after the meeting started, I met Maggie Washo, my new boss. She was “fashionably late” to the interview and gracefully laughed it off. Given that I was so overwhelmed with finally finding a REAL job, I focused less on the people and more on presenting the perfect little graphic designer for this perfect little magazine.

However, as I completed my first day at work, I realized how much of an intimidating, powerhouse, Maggie is. She has a presence that commands your attention, and her intellect is so obvious, it quickly puts you in your place—but in a nice way. Case in point, I never actually walked into her office or had much conversation with her in my first year.

That all changed during my second year with CH2, as we all moved offices, and I was conveniently placed right outside of Maggie’s space. Let’s call this the first steppingstone in our friendship.

Since that time, I have become the art director of this amazing magazine, and I have gotten to know Maggie on a more personal level. The respect I have for her is immeasurable. Believe me when I say that she sleeps, eats, breaths, LIVES this magazine. Her determination and hunger for learning is what has made this magazine what it is today. She is also the driving force towards success and inspiration behind many of the CH2 employees.

So as you look over the women in business issue, please take a minute to appreciate all of these amazing women who are breaking the glass ceiling. And when you come across the CH2 profile, notice the one woman up front. She is the one who made all of this possible. Meet Maggie Washo (watch out she is intimidating and wicked smart).

Catherine Davies
Art Director

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