August 2015

Climbing Higher for ‘Akilavue’

Author: Kent Thune

Akilavue (as in “a killer view”) is a promising new alternative rock band that is preparing to make some serious noise and what looks to be a successful launch from right here on Hilton Head Island. The band’s lead singer and frontman, Doug Marshall, knows how to build a successful music project and take it to the national level. Before taking a recent hiatus from the rock scene by playing acoustic cover material gigs around Hilton Head Island, Marshall led his band Souls Harbor to a record deal on the Crash/EMI label and toured around the Southeast and Northeast, opening for some of the biggest rock names in the country, including Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach, Killswitch Engage, All That Remains, Korn, Stone Sour, and Staind, to name a few.

The singer has also worked with some prominent producers including Rick Beato (Shinedown, Submersed, NeedtoBreathe, Vince Neil), Skidd Mills (Saving Abel, Rev Theory, Skillet) and Eric Bass, the bass player of Shinedown.

Marshall’s experience with Souls Harbor has helped strengthen every aspect of what it takes to build something really special with Akilavue—everything from his songwriting to recording in the studio to live performance on the road.

“The song is the most important thing,” Marshall said, with the confidence of a seasoned musical master craftsman. “We start the writing process with acoustic guitar, and then build the song from there with the melody and lyrics. In the studio, we’ll add whatever instrumentation best fits the song like electric guitars or even string instruments and piano.”

Marshall’s experience, drive and passion, along with having like-minded musicians with him now, has brought him to the point where he feels comfortable enough to bring the music back to the forefront and to a higher level.

The final elements completing the Akilavue project are a powerhouse of veteran musicians, including Sonny Bond on guitar and backing vocals, Doug McCarthy on drums and Davey Masteller on standard bass and upright bass.

Masteller, son of the late and legendary jazz musician, Bob Masteller, carries on his father’s musical legacy by performing regularly at his family’s popular Hilton Head Island jazz club, The Jazz Corner, which is known all over the world.

Marshall’s experience with Souls Harbor has helped strengthen every aspect of what it takes to build something really special with Akilavue

As a kid, young Masteller toured, recorded, and wrote music with several bands in the Southeast, which included Nuclear Saturday, The Fresh Hots, and Banana Breadstix. Adding to his musical depth, Masteller holds a bachelor’s degree in music business from The State University of New York College at Oneonta, which was followed by a recording/audio engineering degree from The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Phoenix, Arizona, and an internship at the Verve Records jazz label.

Throughout his life, however, he has always remained a true rocker at heart, above everything else. “I love jazz, but rock was all I ever wanted to do growing up,” Masteller said.

His display of an unmistakable, intense string attack and stage presence, while still remaining in touch with his roots in the jazz scene, is the musical dynamic (a powerful and valuable dimension) that Masteller adds to the Akilavue project.

So what’s next for Akilavue? They’re looking to finish recording the tracks for their upcoming album. And to make it the best it can be, they bypassed the conventional record label route and have launched a fundraising campaign on the crowdfunding website,, to fund the recording and creative aspects of the album themselves.

When asked if he thinks the term music business is an oxymoron, Marshall laughed and said, “Yeah, the music and the business can be competing interests. Record labels aren’t about developing artists anymore. It’s more money-driven than music-driven.”

Depending upon the donation level on their Indiegogo site, friends and fans can contribute to Akilavue’s album project and receive CDs, posters, guitar picks, advance digital downloads, VIP tickets to their CD release party, and more.

The majority of the money collected will go towards producing, engineering, mixing and mastering of the album. The remaining money will go towards artwork, packaging, and merchandise to ensure Akilavue’s fans will receive a complete, high quality product. If there is money remaining from the Indiegogo campaign, the band will use it to film a music video.

There is no doubt that the four Akilavue band members combine for an eclectic mix of musical influences and talent. From the Southern-styled rock background of the guitarist Sonny Bond to the seasoned jazz experience of Davey Masteller, the thundering metal/punk influence of drummer Doug McCarthy, and the raw and powerful vocals of Doug Marshall, Akilavue is sure to strike a chord with music lovers of all varieties.

“We all have a rock music background but are coming from different directions,” Marshall said.

And all of those directions lead to Akilavue. 

You can connect with Akilavue on their Facebook page, donate to their album on or you can simply do a Google search for “Akilavue” and find anything you want to know about this compelling new alternative rock band from Hilton Head Island.

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