April 2007

Latitude Adjustment - A New Travel Column

Author: Kate Keep

Do you need a latitude adjustment? Some of us are “lucky” enough to have family or friends who let us know when we need an attitude adjustment, but the need for a latitude adjustment (to go from where we are to some other place) is personal, and usually comes from the heart.

This is the first of our latitude adjustment columns. In upcoming issues we will be telling you about all sorts of latitude adjustment possibilities. The Valerie Wilson Travel-Hilton Head office includes thirteen travel consultants, representing an accumulated total of over 200 years on Hilton Head Island, helping our clients with their travel plans. Many of us were doing the same work even before we moved to the island. A resulting benefit of our work is that we have special opportunities to travel. There aren’t many spots on this planet at least one of us hasn’t visited.

I’ve been asked: is there really a Valerie Wilson? There certainly is! Valerie is an intelligent business woman who is passionate about travel and was born and raised in the Midwest. She founded Valerie Wilson Travel in 1981 with three employees and a small office in New York City. Today, the company has 18 offices around the country and over 300 travel consultants. The company just celebrated its 25th anniversary, and the Hilton Head office has been part of the organization for seven years. Valerie has been joined by her two daughters, Kimberly and Jennifer, managing the operations of the $300 million business. As you might imagine, with that volume and our tenure, Valerie Wilson Travel is a real force in the industry. That influence gives us buying power unmatched by smaller, stand-alone agencies.

To further increase our clout in the travel industry, we are proud members of Virtuoso, an exclusive network of nearly 6,000 elite travel specialists. Virtuoso members generate $3 billion annually, making our group the most powerful in the luxury travel segment. What does that mean for you? Special savings, complimentary upgrades and amenities you’ll really appreciate when you travel with one of our preferred cruise, tour or hotel partners.

But enough about us. What about you? Where would you like to go? Upcoming issues will provide special insider tips on Chile, Myanmar, Thailand, Scandinavia, Russia, Egypt, Dubai and Canada. Locations within the U.S. will include Las Vegas, Hawaii and Alaska. We’ll bring you up to date on activities like hiking and bicycling trips, the Road to Mandalay, the Orient Express Train and Universal Studios. We’ll let you know about trips we’ll be escorting that you can join as well as special discounts on cruises and hotels.

Our travel consultants have wrapped pythons around their shoulders, snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef, been kissed by camels, sneaked into the Hermitage Museum, sunk catamarans, explored inside the great pyramid, swum with manta rays and more!

We look forward to sharing our experiences with you. And don’t forget you can also adjust your attitude longitudinally…but that’s a whole different column!

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