May 2015

May 2015 Editors Note

Author: Maggie Washo

That’s kind of how I felt putting this issue together. See, here’s the thing about April on Hilton Head Island: It’s very difficult to get hold of anyone. Between Easter Week and the RBC Heritage, people are busy. Our clients are gone on vacation because their children are out of school, or they are partying at the tournament while they should be working. (I’m specifically talking about my sales team in that last one. Please send any and all photos you may have taken of them at the Heritage to so I can use them as evidence).

Despite these challenges, we managed to eke out 156 pages, with a 24-page removable Dining Guide in the middle. Ta-Da! I quickly forgave all my writers for being late and clients for being unavailable once I sat down to read this issue front to back, because there’s some pretty respectable stuff in here.

Barry and Courtney had me laughing (per usual) as I read about how Facebook is a time suck. I completely agree, which is why I’m shifting to Instagram and Twitter exclusively. I would head there first (page 18) to have a good belly laugh. While you’re there, rip out that Dining Guide and throw it on top of your refrigerator for future reference. It has menus of all the Reilley Group restaurants, as well as other locally owned establishments such as Santa Fe, Palmetto Bay Sunrise Café and Old Fort Pub.

I also enjoyed reading Paul deVere’s piece “Parks and Recreation: Hilton Head Style.” In it, he chronicles the beginnings of what evolved into quite the successful campaign to preserve outdoor space for future generations. Check out the quiz at the end of the article to identify local parks and possibly win $150 in cash for your efforts.

Also in this issue is a pretty nice tribute to mothers, done in the best way we know how. For another chuckle, head to page 104 for a CH2/ Mark Staff Photography production entitled “Ode to Mom.”

Finally, as you head out onto the May River or to the beach this weekend, be sure to check out Kent Thune’s article “The Paradox of Financial Freedom,” and prepare yourself for a paradigm shift when it comes to how you think about money and planning for your future.

I better see you at our CH2 Rocks the Triangle Party May 8. It’s the only time I’m allowed out of my cage.

Have a marvelous May.

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