May 2015

Cleaning for A Reason

Author: Courtney Hillis | Photographer: M.Kat

Everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer. Knowing the effects the disease has on patients and their families, Kety and Christopher Gomez, owners of HH Cleaning Services, LLC, decided to put their cleaning services towards a good cause. They have teamed up with the international nonprofit foundation, Cleaning For A Reason, a charity based out of Lewisville, Texas that helps women with cancer via free housecleaning services. The nonprofit’s goal, as stated on their website, is “to let these brave and strong women focus on their health and treatment while we focus on, and take away the worry and work of, cleaning their homes—free of charge. Providing services in cities across United States and in Canada, our maid services take on two patients at a time, each of whom receives one general house cleaning per month for four consecutive months.”

The Gomez team was eager to find a way to help cancer patients after being personally affected by the disease with the devastating loss of a loved one.

After contacting local charities and searching online, Kety discovered Cleaning For A Reason. Both she and Christopher feel honored “to do something good for somebody in need and give back to the community,” she said.

“I proudly want to take part in any way I can to help those who are currently fighting cancer and make a difference in their life. Being able to clean a patient’s home and reduce their stress of having to worry about cleaning their home is the least I can do,” Christopher said.

Based on the charity’s parameters, HH Cleaning Services, LLC has agreed to clean two homes (within their service area of Bluffton, Sun City and Hilton Head Island) a month for four consecutive months, free of charge. The company has been involved with the charity for about eight months.

About Cleaning For A Reason
President and founder of Cleaning For A Reason, Debbie Sardone, came up with the idea for the foundation when she owned her own residential cleaning company, Buckets and Bows Maid Service. A prospective client said she could not afford to have her house cleaned because she was undergoing cancer treatment. Sardone decided right then that she would not turn away any woman receiving cancer treatment. She presented her declaration at a national cleaning industry convention in 2005, and other maid services immediately showed interest and support.

Sardone returned home to Texas and founded Cleaning For A Reason. At the next convention, cleaning companies were lining up to sign on to help the charity.

Cleaning For A Reason now partners with over 1,200 residential cleaning companies and is constantly growing. Since 2006, the charity has donated over $4.8 million in free services and helped more than 17,000 women with cancer.

How you can help
The organization’s intent is to aid women who are fighting cancer by teaming up with local professional cleaning companies throughout the United States and Canada. If you know of someone with cancer who would benefit from this service, please pass on the information. You can also make donations on the Cleaning For A Reason website. All donations are tax deductible, and each donor receives acknowledgment of their gift. You can also visit their eStore to help show your support by purchasing and sporting a Cleaning For A Reason shirt or hat. 

To learn more about Cleaning For A Reason, apply as a patient for free house cleaning or make a donation, please visit Reach HH Cleaning Services at or call (843) 689-9907.

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