April 2015

Porter & Pig

Author: Courtney Hillis | Photographer: Photography by Anne

Tucked in the corner of The Village at Wexford, sit the newly opened eatery, Porter & Pig. The extensively remodeled space, which opened on New Year’s Eve 2014, has a warm, cozy atmosphere where patrons feel comfortable immediately. Named after several brainstorming sessions searching for something that would roll off the tongue, with a play on words for beer and meat came the name Porter & Pig, and it fits perfectly.
The unique neighborhood bar has created a place where adults can hang out on the south end of the island.

Offering a more laidback ambience perfect for happy hour, professional meetings, date nights or a girls’ night out, Porter & Pig is a perfect stopping off point on the way home or before or after going out for a meal. You can even have a small bite to eat without ruining dinner.

Offering charcuterie and cheeses, grilled sandwiches and tapas-style plates Porter & Pig calls “share plates,” along with unique beers, good wines and craft cocktails, the bar is a great place to enjoy affordable quality ingredients served by a fun and educated staff.

Chorizo stuffed dates, poppy seed coleslaw with a side of jalapeño meatballs and decorative, delicious charcuterie and cheese boards are among the favorites. The chef, with creative menu design, uses local farm-to-table as much as possible, with no filler ingredients.

Owner, Ivy Burdick, worked closely with her beer distributers to create a “super comprehensive craft beer list. We have upwards of probably 40 beers in here at any given time, eight of which are on tap, and they rotate pretty frequently,” Burdick said. She is proud of the list, which recently had a beer on tap that is one of the top 20 beers in the world. The bar also likes to highlight local and regional options. Beer flights are available if you are having trouble deciding between the top tier choices.

Porter & Pig offers a good selection of wines without being too pricey but also has a couple of higher end half bottles like Rombauer and Shafer. There are about 10 cocktails on the craft cocktail list, which are “fun, a little bit unique…using different ingredients like cardamom bitters, dark chocolate bitters, those kinds of things,” Burdick said. The bar also has good quality well liquors. Burdick says she “wants people to be able to come in and be able to afford it.” The cocktails also feature fresh ingredients such as cucumber and jalapenos. Some of the favorites are a Mean and Dirty Martini made with Sriracha, a Margarita with muddled jalapeños, and a New Fashioned instead of an Old Fashioned, made with chocolate bitters and Luxardo cherries so it comes out tasting like a chocolate covered cherry. In addition to the delicious food and unique libations, Porter & Pig also offers live music every other Friday night.

Offerings include quality beer, proprietary cocktails and select wines with accompanying charcuterie, cheeses and small plates.

The moment you enter this welcoming establishment, you will instantly feel at home. From the soft leather sofa and seating area to the comfortable barstools, it is obvious Burdick designed a space for people to feel at ease when they visit Porter & Pig. The handcrafted U-shaped bar, light fixtures from Charleston, South Carolina, salt lamps and dart board all correlate with Burdick’s words of “atmosphere is everything.” Included in the atmosphere is the small but fun staff. The team really works well together, and having fewer people on staff makes it easier for them to develop relationships with the customers and recognize regulars.Burdick is the sole owner of Porter & Pig; however, she said, “It’s tough for me to say this is my bar, because so many people put forth a lot of effort to get this place open. My husband is here and helps out constantly. My mom owns a business right down the street, and she frequently helps out.”

At Porter and Pig, the ambiance is cozy, with several alcoves for intimate conversation while enjoying wine and shared plates.

Burdick has worked in the food and beverage industry for as long as she can remember. Her family owned a fast food pizza chain when she was a child, so she literally grew up in restaurants. She moved to Hilton Head Island after college and began working for Marriott. She went on to work for the SERG Group for about nine years, followed by a short stint with CQ’s before having a child and deciding to open her own place.

Along with the addition of Java Burrito, Burdick says there is now vibrancy in the Porter & Pig corner of the Wexford shopping center that was once quiet. In fact, the two establishments play off of each other really well, and they have big plans for the summer including opening up the courtyard for live music. Porter & Pig has other ideas for the future—a dart league and a couple’s game night. Actually, there are people who patronize Porter & Pig specifically for the dartboard. If you are looking for a low-key place where you can grab a beer and a delicious snack or some wine and cheese, check out this cozy neighborhood bar.
Porter & Pig is located at 1000 William Hilton Parkway, in the Village at Wexford, and is open Monday-Saturday, 4 p.m. to midnight. For more information, visit porter-pig.com or call (843) 715-3224.

  1. I think this place ROCKS. Delicious and fun. I look forward to going again and again. Highly recommend.

    — Kevin Quat    Apr 1, 12:37 pm   

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