January 2015

Osprey Village Inc. Pro-Bowl Open 2015

Author: Channing Heiss

Grab your favorite NFL team jersey, because you’re invited to Station 300 in Bluffton on Sunday, January 25 from 6-10 p.m. for an entertaining evening of pro-bowl action, as well as bowling, putt-putt golf, music by Target: The Band, and a silent auction. And, by the way, how often do you get the chance to watch a game with standout NFL players including former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Ken Anderson?
It’s all part of the first-ever Pro-Bowl Open 2015, a fundraiser organized by Osprey Village, Inc., a non-profit corporation conceived in 2007 to develop resources to allow adults with developmental disabilities to gain life skills, achieve greater independence, and participate more fully in the larger community.

Officially incorporated in 2008, Osprey Village is working toward the day when its name will represent not only an ongoing advocacy effort, but an actual integrated neighborhood, often referred to as “a neighborhood with a purpose,” featuring attractive and purposeful housing within our community. In the course of its multi-phase completion, Osprey Village will become a mainstream, non-institutional setting for up to 40 residents, families, and other support team members who will live alongside seniors and other non-disabled residents in a “neighbor-helping-neighbor” arrangement. Osprey Village advocates stress that the goal is to empower residents to the greatest extent possible to become involved in all of community life. Osprey Village will include a neighborhood community center where residents can socialize with one another and will be located near many other resources and venues in the community.

The village housing is part of a cooperative and multi-faceted system of personal development and community inclusion which will incorporate elements such as socialization, independent living training, and job coaching—all on the basis of each individual’s requirements and abilities. The philosophy and goal will be to focus on the development of the whole person. With the awareness that developmental disability covers a wide spectrum, Osprey Village will address the unique circumstances and abilities of each individual and will strive to provide the opportunity for citizens with developmental disabilities to reach the highest possible level of independence, success and fulfillment in life.

Osprey Village Inc. has been working with public and private entities to bring the vision to fruition. For example, the board has been working with state officials to achieve the necessary certifications to become an approved provider of its intended services.

To help the community realize this vision, sponsors can participate in the Pro Bowl Open at three levels: $1,000, $500, and $100, and anyone can sign up to be a bowler. Organizers are hoping to get as many as 200 sponsors at various levels. 

To become a sponsor or to find out more about the Pro Bowl Open 2015, visit ospreyvillage.org or call Susan Doubles at (843) 298-3401.

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