December 2014

Editor's Note

Author: Maggie Washo

If not for Randy Levine, I wouldn’t have known it was our hundredth issue. Randy is our tech support expert from Progressive Technology, and has been with us since the beginning of CH2. Before, really. We were talking about updates to the website a few months ago, and he casually remarked that December would be our hundredth issue.

“Oh, really?” I said, not giving it too much thought. Then he brought it up again, a month or two later. Well shoot, I thought. Clearly he thinks it’s worth “celebrating,” so I had better get on the ball.

I asked Frank Dunne to write a fun retrospective about what’s gone on in the world and around our area for the last 100 months. Per usual, he was late and stressing me out as we approached deadline. I made a quick phone call to harass him, and his words to me were, “Maggie, I really think that this article should make you cry. It’s just not there yet. I need a few more days.”

Make me cry? What? It was just supposed to be a lighthearted romp through time, not War and Peace. I have to say that Mr. Dunne really outdid himself. I did cry, especially at the part about CH2 losing its father in 2009. As a complement to his beautifully written piece, we are sharing 100 photos from 100 issues, which was fun for me to compile, and I hope will be enjoyable for you to peruse. CH2 is sort of known for featuring talented photographers and their work, so I thought it was a fitting tribute.

Our whole team wishes you the happiest of holidays. Thanks for letting us entertain you for 100 months.


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