December 2014

Welcome to Our 100th Issue

Author: Special to CH2

It’s a milestone. It’s a story 100 months in the making.
One that can be told best through images we have captured of the lowcountry and the people who
call this special place home. We present some of our favorite photos from the last 100 issues.

September 2006: The Bee Man
Photography by Maggie Washo
This was the first photo ever taken for Celebrate Hilton Head. The beekeeper was Larry Paton; the place was Hilton Head Plantation. The photo was taken with a zoom lens from the safety of a car, many feet away.

October 2006: The Fresh Hots
Photography by Geoffrey Hobbs
Pierce Lowrey and I had an argument over featuring this photo on the cover. He thought it was too edgy. We posterized the image to make it less “shocking.” It makes me laugh now to remember how much drama this silly photo caused.

November 2006: Elizabeth
Photography by John Brackett
The story was a profile on “It’s Like,” a women’s store formerly located on New Orleans Rd. We commandeered a yacht and photographed our friends in some of the clothing. A short time later, we hired Elizabeth Hancock (“Nine,” for those who knew her well) in the art department.

December 2006: The Bachelors
Photography by John Brackett
Laura Moretti’s Metropolitan Lounge (an evening hot spot formerly located in Park Plaza) was the backdrop to show off our first round of Top 10 Bachelor nominees. I had many fun nights in that place.

January 2007: Jimmy
Photography by John Brackett
An English teacher at Hilton Head Prep was the first person to win the title of Bachelor of the Year. He went on to teach at Harvard, and last I heard was writing a blog for We sure know how to pick ’em.

February 2007: The Chocolate Couple
Photography by Pro Photo Inc.
I love this photo because of who is in it: Ray & Alfreda Degheri, the former owners of the Chocolate Canopy on Palmetto Bay Rd. The article was about their long, successful marriage of 50 years. Sweet, sweet couple. Pun intended.

March 2007: Mr. Reilley
Photography by John Brackett
Tom Reilley, father of Hilton Head Island’s St. Patrick’s Day parade (and of many children as well) was the first famous person we ever featured on our cover. We shot this photo where you’ll find Tom most days—holding court and welcoming customers at Reilley’s Grill & Bar.

April 2007: Steve Wilmot
Photography by John Brackett
Everyone knows Steve! This photo was taken the first time we wrote about the Heritage Golf Tournament, which was the VERIZON Heritage at the time.

May 2007: Kaylee
Photography by MW
This shot was taken in the Sea Pines Forest Preserve, where the flowers bloom like this for only a few weeks every April.

June 2007: The Gnomes
Photography by Anne
This was a memorable moment for me as it heralded the beginning of a long friendship and successful partnership with Anne Caufmann. She helped me out at the last minute when another photographer had to cancel our shoot of The Gnomes, a young band featuring Kevin Early, Ryan Collins and Joey DiSilvestre.

July 2007: A Chorus Line
Photography by John Brackett
The costumes in this photo are fantastic. I really loved this photo, and I loved the show at the Arts Center, June 19-July 29, 2007. It was a Casey Colgan production, and he’s back this month with another hit, Singin’ in the Rain (see p. 124).

August 2007: The Riders Lounge Team
Photography by John Brackett
Riders brings back lots of fond memories, so this photo made the cut. Riders Lounge was a bar where Captain Woody’s is now located. It was a late night venue that hosted our Bachelor of the Year Party twice, in 2007 and 2008.

September 2007: Trophy Wife
Photography by John Brackett
I remember we did this shoot at the Baynard Ruins in Sea Pines. As soon as John had set up all of his equipment, a ridiculous storm blew in—typical of any shoot we scheduled in the afternoon June-September. We all retreated to our rental house in Sea Pines to wait it out.

October 2007: Tom and the Lawton Stables Bunnies
Photography by Anne
This was a special month for us as we were gifted the talent of Tom Staebler, former art director at Playboy (for 40 years) and recently retired golf enthusiast. He wasn’t retired for long. I want to say there were actually six or seven white rabbits… but we couldn’t get them all to stay in frame for more than a few seconds.

November 2007: Jackie
Photography by Anne
Celebrate Hilton Head becomes CH2, and gets a logo redo. Jackie Orlando graces our cover for the second time.

December 2007: Say Goodbye to 007.
Photography by Anne
This was our first attempt at big production fashion spread with models in gowns and tuxes. We borrowed an L39 Fighter Jet, an Aston Martin and an airplane hangar to make it happen. There were several great photos from the shoot, but this throwback shot to Marilyn Monroe in the “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” number is my favorite. Elizabeth Hancock and Sandro Virag model.

January 2008: Babbie
Photography by Will Guscio
We profiled Babbie Guscio, Bluffton royalty by most counts, in this issue. She is pictured standing on Calhoun Street in front of The Store, of which she is the proprietor. I love her energy and the vibrant colors in this photograph.

February 2008: Jacob
Photography by Anne
Jacob Preston sits at the wheel in his pottery studio in Old Town Bluffton.

March 2008: The Firefighter Shoot
Photography by John Brackett
This was a very difficult month from which to choose just one photo. There were many gorgeous shots in this issue. Willie “BJ” Ferguson ultimately won out. It’s hard to resist a man in uniform.

April 2008: Rachel
Photography by John Brackett
This was a profile of girl golf wonder Rachel Uremovich. We thought it would be funny to shoot it at Pirate’s Island miniature golf course. Tay Meister stood in as Rachel’s caddy.

May 2008: The Bon-Bon
Photography by Anne
Bonnie Lowrey looks so happy and relaxed in this shot. The bright colors and the composition make it a favorite. This was a fashion shoot for Patricia’s in the Village at Wexford.

June 2008: The Face
Photography by Krisztian Lonyai
Enter the high fashion Hungarian. We featured Krisztian and some of his previous work shot in Europe; starting with this issue, he became part of our team of regularly contributing photographers.

July 2008: Squirrels and Pickles
Photography by Anne
This photo was shot at the Holiday Inn Oceanfront (now the Beach House) while the band members of Jo Jo Squirrel and the Home Pickles (Mike Kavanaugh, Jevon Daly, Gary Pratt and John Bruner) were on a quick break from entertaining at the Tiki Hut. The red backdrop is actually a dumpster. This photo of Jevon makes me laugh.

August 2008: The Mayor
Photography by John Brackett
Tom Peeples met us at Honey Horn for this shot, which accompanied the last installment in a series of articles by Paul deVere about how Hilton Head Island became a town.

September 2008: Fresh Faces
Photography by Krisztian Lonyai
We held a contest looking for the next Fresh Face of Hilton Head, with the winner getting the cover and a check for $500. These were the finalists. I love how pretty this photo is. Krisz shot it in an empty classroom at the Hilton Head Middle School at night. The school alarms went off during the shoot, and we didn’t know how to turn them off. It was an ordeal.

October 2008: Halloween
Photography by Anne
The assignment was to come up with a creative child’s costume for less than $50. Michael Phelps had just won eight gold medals at the summer Olympics, so this was a spoof on the Sports Illustrated cover: Marcus Cramer as Michael Phelps.

November 2008: Sassy Seniors
Photography by Butch Hirsch
This photo really needs no explanation. Life is good, and “55 is the new 30.”
Garland Smith-Radloff and chest by Kevin Purvis.

December 2008: Does this make me look fat?
Photography by Anne
This was part of a shoot featuring the Top 10 Bachelors vying for CH2’s Bachelor of 2009. All of the photos were amusing, but Marty Mulligan went out of his way. Love this! That was a really fun group of guys.

January 2009: Dr. Jordan
Photography by Anne
Doing a profile on a doctor’s office is usually pretty non-creative and stodgy. I loved that Stephanie and Dr. Jordan were up for something more inventive.

February 2009: Luke Bryan
Photography by John Brackett
This isn’t technically my favorite photo from this issue…but I think it’s funny we had such a big star on our cover before he was a big star. When I met him, I didn’t even know who he was. But I don’t like country music, so I guess that makes sense. Luke was very nice. Not bad to look at either.

March 2009: Palmetto Bluff
Photography by Anne
The early morning foxhunt at Palmetto Bluff made for beautiful images. No fox was harmed during the foxhunt; however, several of the dogs were attacked by a wild boar and had to be driven back for medical attention.

April 2009: Salty Dog Couture
Photography by Anne
We wanted to come up with a fresh way to feature the Salty Dog clothing line, and this is how we did it. This shoot included a lot of models, making it hard to pick just one photo. From left to right: Victor Smith, Angela Toadvine, and Ryann Schmoyer.

May 2009: David Season
Photography by Anne
The article was Seven Recipes from Around the World in Seven Days. The chow was delicious, and Anne’s photos were stunning. This was the first time we featured food on the cover.

June 2009: Bad Boy, Bad Boys
Photography by John Brackett
This was an all-day shoot with the Bluffton Police Department. We set up a lot of shots, but this one of Sergeant Donald Chandler removing a weapon from the trunk is my favorite. I love the interesting angle. John was scrunched in the trunk to get the shot.

July 2009: Surf Kids
Photography by John Brackett
Young people looking sexy on the beach. What’s not to like? We were featuring the clothing of Quiet Storm, although admittedly there isn’t much clothing in this particular shot.

August 2009: Tribute to MJ
Photography by Anne
Michael Jackson passed away in July of 2009, and this was my editor’s note shot in honor of the King of Pop.

September 2009: Harley Davidson
Photography by Anne
This photo was part of a spread on Harley enthusiasts. It’s nostalgic with a bit of Hilton Head history in the background. I saw my first play on HHI at Dunnagan’s Alley Theatre, although I can’t remember for the life of me what it was. Bikers were Laurie and Travus Towler, a local couple.

October 2009: Fierce
Photography by Abri Kruger
This was the first time we used Abri, and we were not disappointed. His images featuring the fashion of Patricia’s in the Village at Wexford were stunning. Too bad he moved to South Africa!

November 2009: Pierce
Photography by John Brackett
I lost a mentor and a good friend when Pierce Lowrey died in October of 2009. The year that followed was tough for all of his work “children” and the entire Lowrey Group family. This was a photo we had taken for a feature on CQ’s restaurant and was probably my favorite shot of our fearless leader.

December 2009: Chris Lane
Photography by Mark Staff
To show off the Top 10 Bachelors of 2009, we decided to go “period piece” with costumes from the Arts Center and Lawton Stables as our backdrop. Chris was standing in horse doodie up to his ankles, but you’d never know it by the sophisticated elegance he projects in this shot. Definitely one of my favorite Mark Staff portraits.

January 2010: Movie Star
Photography by Mark Staff
I mean c’mon. How hot is this photo? Well done Mark. Well done. This was a shot of Indigo Run resident Scott Martin standing in front of his yellow biplane.

February 2010: Cold Case
Photography by Anne
This photo of Captain Bob Bromage is a perfect example of how much work is involved in getting the perfect shot. We hauled all of this office equipment to Anne’s studio on Arrow Rd. and set it up on a backdrop to get the look we wanted. Some things can’t be achieved with Photoshop. It takes way more effort than the stroke of a mouse.

March 2010: The Quail Hunt
Photography by Mark Staff
I call this our Garden & Gun feature. Jimmy Rowe hosted our team for a quail hunt, and Mark Staff got some really beautiful images from the day. This was the first time I ever shot a gun. I didn’t hit anything.

April 2010: Sheriff
Photography by Anne
We did a series of these black & white portraits in studio for a story on Sheriff Tanner.

May 2010: Rugby Rogues
Photography by Anne
Local attorney Mitch Thoreson was chosen to be our May cover model when we featured the local rugby team.

June 2010: Wild Wings
Photography by Mark Staff
Local favorites Diane and Cecil Crowley were celebrating 20 years of owning Wild Wing Café back in June of 2010. A few months later, they began talks with Axum to sell the successful business comprised of over 20 WWC locations.

July 2010: Best. Shoot. Ever.
Photography by Mark Staff
This has to be one of the most creative shoots we’ve ever done. Mark bought an authentic Predator costume from a movie studio, and we decided to do a spread on a series of situations the Predator might find himself in if he vacationed on Hilton Head Island. Wherever we went, it was difficult to get the shot done quickly because so many people wanted their photo with the “monster.”

August 2010: Sam
Photography by Anne
Anne and I went to Sam Bauer’s office for this shoot, and it really didn’t take long to get what we wanted for a profile on his law firm. He was a natural.

October 2010: The Nutcracker
Photography by Krisztian Lonyai
This photo was taken for a feature on The Hilton Head Dance Theatre’s 25th anniversary. I just find it to be so pretty and soft. The ballerinas are Caroline Santorum, Ella Cuda, Lane Allen and Mackenzie Ogden.

September 2010
Photography by Anne
We shot this on a Saturday afternoon in August, and it was unbearably hot in Old Town Bluffton. Thomas Viljac had brought in this band, Midway Blue, to play at the Dispensary that night. This photo was shot at the bar inside the restaurant, and I believe it currently hangs on the wall there. The lead singer, Warren Stone, went on to be a contestant on The Voice, and he currently has a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for his next album. Warren is the one with smoke obstructing his face.

November 2010: Benedetto Guitars
Photography by Anne
This close-up of a guitar made the cover.

December 2010: Out of Africa
Photography by Mark Staff
We traveled to Africa (in spirit) to shoot our Top 10 Bachelors in 2010. This shot of Bryan Kassner was my favorite.

January 2011: Ben Wolfe
Photography by Anne
When a drama teacher wins Bachelor of the Year, you are going to get awesome images for the cover and feature story. We did. What a great guy!

February 2011: Lee
Photography by Anne
This photo of Lee Edwards and his pooch Lefty, was my favorite for February. The light coming through the Antiques & Collectibles building at the Greenery makes the shot even more stunning.

March 2011: The Boardroom
Photography by Anne
This is my favorite photo because it features one of my favorite people and a frequent contributor to this magazine, Lindsey Hawkins-Stigleman. It was taken at a shoot to show off the new Reilley family lounge, The Boardroom.

April 2011: The Alligator Man
Photography by Mark Staff
The Zerbini Family Circus was the focus of this photo shoot. They came to Bluffton a few years ago, and Mark captured some stunning images of their performance.

May 2011: The Real Moms of Beaufort County
Photography by Anne
As a spin on the whole Real Housewives craze, we decided to profile “real moms” for our Mother’s Day issue. Pictured are Rebecca Edwards, Kathleen Mayers, Mary Frances Lowrey, Anna Sharp and Kelly Caron.

June 2011: Oliver & Bugsy
Photography by Anne
These two won the second annual Most Adorable Pet Contest on Facebook and were awarded the cover and a cash prize. A Great Dane and a Chihuahua who are brothers. How perfect is that?

July 2011: Orchid in Bloom
Photography by Anne
We did this profile on Orchid Paulmeier around the time she was on The Next Food Network Star. A Floral Affair made this beautiful headpiece for our shoot. Orchid is one of the people I have known the longest on Hilton Head—we first met over 15 years ago at the Hilton Resort (which is now the Omni). She was an activities intern and I was in food & beverage. Ahhh, the good old carefree days of youth.

August 2011: The Elevator Shot
Photography by Krisztian Lonyai
It is the combination of the photography and layout brilliance of this story that makes it my favorite. Krisz shot Mark Pellegrino, an actor known for his roles on Lost, Dexter and Supernatural, in an elevator in Los Angeles. In the layout of the feature, each two-page spread showed a little more of Mark as the elevator doors opened. The title was “Mark Pellegrino Opens Up.”

September 2011: The Team
Photography by Mark & Lisa Staff
For our fifth year Anniversary I wanted a group shot of our staff and major contributors. The Arts Center was kind enough to let us use their stage as backdrop. It was raining cats & dogs that night.

October 2011: The Headless Horseman
Photography by Mark Staff
We had so many compliments on this cover, shot in the Sea Pines Forest Preserve with the gals from Lawton Stables. Mark Staff has some mad Photoshop skills, wouldn’t you agree?

November 2011: Women in Business (WIB)
Photography by Anne
This was our first WIB special section, and everyone went all out on the creativity. This shot of Cindy Hooker and Marie Pistilli from Fresh Air Business Promotions was the best. I remember scouring local thrift stores for days to find office equipment that harkened back to the Mad Men era.

December 2011: Frugal Fashion
Photography by Anne
Dave Leininger was the model in this photo, which was shot at Tom Staebler’s house in Belfair. This was one of a series of photos showing off all of the high-end clothing Dave had acquired at thrift stores over the years.

January 2012: Cranford & Sons
Photography by Anne
The first time we ever met this crew was for their first feature with CH2. Great group of guys with some serious talent. The dog’s name was Cookie and she ran off a few months after this photo was taken.

February 2012: Hello My Name Is…
Photography by Mark Staff
We did a column a few years back in which our subject would fill in the blanks of a questionnaire and Mark would take a beautiful portrait to accompany it. This one of Sallie Ann Robinson, the Gullah Diva, is one of my favorites.

March 2012: Discarded Doll
Photography by Anne
For the sheer sake of doing something creative, Anne and Luciana did a series of shots featuring Luciana’s couture clothing with model Jasmine Ruggiero as a marionette. Anne showed it to me, and we didn’t hesitate to run it over eight pages. It was just so different. Very cool.

April 2012: Wise Guys
Photography by Anne
Wise Guys had just expanded into a larger steakhouse, and we sent Anne in to capture images of the food and the expansion. I loved this layout—all of the photographs were amazing.

May 2012: Yuri
Photography by Anne
This photograph of Chef Yuri Gow was taken for our third annual Love Affair with Food issue. I’ve always really loved this shot. It’s one of my favorite Photography by Anne portraits.

June 2012: The Ring
Photography by Mark Staff
Jewelry is difficult to shoot—it requires special lighting and a macro lens. Most of the jewelry you see in national magazine ads has been altered in Photoshop. This shot was of a $30,000 sapphire ring made by the team at Heritage Jewelers, and it was the first time I was happy with any photos of jewelry we had taken for the magazine.

July 2012: Alligator Joe
Photography by Mark Staff
Hilton Head Island’s very own alligator wrangler, Joe Maffo. How could this not be my favorite photo? Love him

August 2012: Chelsea
Photography by Mark Staff
Speaking of Joe Maffo, he helped us on this shoot by lending us an alligator and a few snakes to drape around Chelsea Meissner, a Charleston gal who appeared on the show Survivor: One World. I was a nervous wreck the whole time we were in this swamp around the corner from our office. I had visions of a bigger alligator coming up out of the water behind her. I guess her time on Survivor prepared her for this shoot, because she was a pro all the way.

September 2012: Big Shrimpin’
Photography by Mark Staff
Kelly Stroud (art director), Lindsey Hawkins (writer) and Mark went out with Jeff Toomer and his crew for a day of shrimping. They had to be at the dock at 4 a.m. Lindsey and Mark were retching most of the trip. My favorite photo is one that Kelly took that never made the magazine. Lindz and Mark look like death warmed over.

October 2012: Bridesmaids
Photography by Anne
This was a promotional shot for the first time we ever had a Bachelorette of the Year contest. The movie Bridesmaids had just come out, and it tied in perfectly with our theme for the party that year.

November 2012: Hat Lady
Photography by Anne
Our very own Catherine Davies landed on the cover of our November issue, modeling a series of hats. This shot is my favorite of the group. Her eyes seem to pop off the page.

December 2012: Santa Claus
Photography by Mark Staff
This was hands-down the hardest issue from which to choose just one photo. We definitely had our A-Game on in December of 2012. This photo of Santa finally won me over. I think it’s the reindeer’s eye that gets me.

January 2013: Ducks
Photography by Mark Staff
CH2 went hunting again—this time for ducks. Clark Fons was our host, along with his buddy Chris Marra. This photo captures how cold and wet the weather was as the sun rose slowly over Bear Island.

February 2013: Pete
Artwork by James Dean
My favorite image from this issue landed on our cover. I stumbled across Pete the Cat paintings at the A.T. Hun Gallery (City Market) in Savannah. One day, James Dean was there for a book signing/ Meet the Artist event. That’s when I thought it might be fun to interview him for our pet issue. Cats are the best, and simultaneously, the worst. James Dean’s paintings of Pete capture the insolence of the feline mindset quite accurately.

March 2013: Italy
Photography submitted by J. Banks
As part of a special Interior Design section, we featured Castello di Casole, a recent project completed by the J.Banks Design team. This photo is my favorite because I want to go there. No really. I can see myself sitting in this room sipping a cocktail.

**April 2013: Captain Woody’s **
Photography by Anne
When Captain Woody’s relocated to Target Rd., we went in to photograph their new digs. This shot of Lowcountry boil makes me hungry.

May 2013: Dueling Pianos at EP Lounge
Photography by Anne
Sometimes the best shots are the ones when I get to buy fun props. We thought it would be interesting to have Sterlin Colvin and Dallas Reese play children’s grand pianos for the opening spread. The “talent” was waiting for us to assemble the pianos, which were a little more difficult to put together than we expected. I think we ended up giving them away in a Facebook contest.

June 2013: Sara
Photography by Krisztian Lonyai
Every photo Krisz took of musician Sara Burns was lovely.
I liked this one so much, we put it on the cover.

July 2013: Women in Business Returns
Photography by Mark Staff
Our cover shot was an ode to a Chicago album cover. Mark built this platform for us to hang on, and I was really pleased with how well this came out. Lucy hated it. She was one scared puppy on that contraption.

August 2013: Alice Cooper
Photography submitted
This is my favorite photo because it reminds me of the time we put a celebrity on our cover. And then he decided not to come to town. So, there’s that. Ahem. Moving on.

September 2013: Truffles celebrates 30 years
Photography by Anne
Truffles has always been one of my favorite restaurants on Hilton Head (and now in Bluffton, too). It was probably one of the first restaurants I ever experienced. I remember going with my whole family after my sister graduated from high school. (She’s 33 now.) Way to go Price & Karen Beall!

October 2013: #Trending Fall Fashion
Photography by Anne
I love everything about this shot. The chair from J. Banks, the outfit from Palmettoes and how distinguished our model, Robert Stanzione, looks in this photograph. We should have considered this for a cover. Not sure why we didn’t.

November 2013: Tats
Photography by Mark Staff
Fifty percent of our readers thought we should have had one of the photos from the tattoo spread on the cover. Even though I thought the photos were amazing, I was part of the other 50 percent. As you can see, though, this shot still made the list in the Top 100 Photos in 100 Issues.

December 2013: After Midnight
Photography by Mark Staff
Last year we featured a 16-page pictorial based on New Year’s Eve shenanigans. This photo sums it up. Super fun night shooting with all of these crazy models/ actors. Sadly, we lost one of these young people a few months ago. Phillip Scott, our actor in the green NYE hat, helped us out repeatedly for CH2 shoots, and he is missed.

January 2014: Hump Day!
Photography by Mark Staff
For our bridal issue, we featured gowns for every day of the week. It was a challenge getting this camel up the stairs to Mark’s studio, but well worth the effort, don’t you think?

February 2014: So. Many. Great. Photos.
Photography by Mark Staff
February 2014 was the inaugural issue of Gentlemen of the South, so there were dozens of great images. After much consideration, though, a girl won out over the boys. This tiny tot. Super cute.

March 2014: Don Hite
Photography by Vitor Lindo
This promotional photo Vitor took of director Don Hite on Main Street Youth Theatre’s stage was striking. The article was about his musical production of Broadway’s Music of the Night. Our whole team (and Jackson!) went to see the show, and it was amazing.

April 2014: Breaking the Law
Photography by Mark Staff
I cannot stress enough how difficult it is to work with animals. We were lucky to get this shot. By the way, this woman is breaking the law. You are not allowed to keep farm animals in your bathroom in South Carolina.

May 2014: Gigi’s
Photography by Anne
Jessica Shefsick and Skinzin did a beautiful job on our model’s eyes. The shoot was done to show off the clothing of Gigi’s in Old Town Bluffton.

June 2014: Vineyard 55
Photography by Anne
This food shot made the cover of CB2 in June of this year. I like the texture of the wood and the vibrancy of the vegetables on the plate. I really love the logo that was made to match the pepperoncini.

July 2014: High Flying
Photography by Arno Dimmling
This shot of a young man from the Boys & Girls Club checking out the new Aerial Adventure at Broad Creek Marina wins the award for this issue.

August 2014: Sushi!
Photography by Anne
Annie takes such beautiful food shots for us, and she really blew us away with all the sushi photos for the August issue. This was my favorite.

September 2014: Luxe in Leather
Photography by Anne
Everyone loved Savannah. After this came out, we had a lot of e-mails and calls asking who she was and if she really lived here. Ha. Ha. Ha. Beautiful girl.

October 2014: Guys & Dolls
Photography by Vitor Lindo
When you shoot promotional photos for theatrical productions, it is often before the set has been completed. Therefore, costuming and postproduction is needed to create an interesting photo. I was impressed with what Vitor did to make this shot more than just actors posing in a black box.

November 2014: Roy Prescott & Pooch
Photography by Mark Staff
One word: Adorable.

December 2014
Photography by ?
I don’t know. You pick.

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