October 2014

Local Entrepreneur Gives Hilton Head Homes A Facelift: HydroShield South Carolina

Author: Mathew Hansen

As local residents, we are very well aware of the hard water conditions that exist on Hilton Head Island. It can seem like an impossible task to keep our homes looking new. The glass, stone, tile and grout in our bathrooms and kitchens take the most abuse. Once the damage begins, it can be impossible to remove. This was a battle that John Paull (JP) was fighting everyday. “It was frustrating when I was being paid to clean something and I couldn’t get it back to new, I felt there had to be a better way.”

The entrepreneur within JP went to work. He knew that a tremendous problem existed and wanted to find a solution. After some research, he found HydroShield, a Utah-based company and industry leader in surface protection and restoration. “HydroShield provided the solution I had been looking for. Surfaces that were thought to be irreparable now looked new. The results were so amazing I immediately purchased the rights to Hilton Head.”

JP is living the American dream. He found a solution to a common problem and started his own business. By providing superior products backed by unsurpassed customer service, he is winning fans everyday.

“My customers love HydroShield because it not only restores surfaces back to new but also protects them with our high-tech durable coating. This prevents the damage from coming back. Every application we do comes with a fully backed warranty. Our customers receive peace of mind knowing that their home will stay looking new. The best way to increase the value of your home is to remodel your kitchen or bathroom. We provide a cost effective alternative to a full remodel and can typically complete the work in one day.”

HydroShield brings the surfaces in your home back to life and protects them for years to come. Even though it’s only science, you’ll swear it’s magic! 

For more information, visit hydroshield-sc.com, call (843) 816-0365, or e-mail john@hydroshield-sc.com.

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