July 2014

Win $1,000 For Taking 10 Selfies :) Come on. Be. Honest. You Do it for free everyday anyway

Author: Special to CH2

Hint:It’s worth the workout.

The Contest:
The four pages that follow contain photos that our creative team took at various locations around Hilton Head Island and Bluffton. The remaining three photos will be released on CH2 magazine’s Facebook page before the end of the month. The first person to take a selfie at ALL TEN LOCATIONS and email all photos to m.washo@celebratehiltonhead.com will win $1,000! Not sure where these photos were taken? Stay tuned to ??CH2? magazine’s Facebook page all month long for clues. For an even more detailed photographic description of how to win this contest, please see editor’s note on page 16.

The Fine Print
All photos submitted will become property of CH2/CB2 magazines and may be printed in upcoming issues and posted on www.celebratehiltonhead.com. To win contest, a person must be in the correct location of ALL 10 photos, take a photo of himself/herself with the location clearly visible in the background and be the first one to submit the photos via email. Winner’s photos and/or other submissions will be featured in upcoming issues of CH2/CB2.

Left: Hint:Neat reflection, huh?
Right: Hint:Your teen knows where this is.

Hint:This bathroom door is actually bright yellow.

Hint:The hint is in the picture.

Hint:Repent, and be saved.

Hint:This is not Japan’s flag.

  1. i think this is a great contest! having trouble finding the yellow bathroom door and the red dot though :(

    — Megan Ferguson    Jul 4, 10:47 am   

  2. you should give a clue now about the bathroom door because the clue u gave with it didnt help! im stuck on that one

    — Megan Ferguson    Jul 4, 03:49 pm   

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