June 2014

Atlantic Spray Foam : The family that won our hearts and our business 10 years running!

Author: Kitty Bartell | Photographer: Photography by Anne

Bradlee Anderson – Rachel Anderson – TJ Anderson – Turner Anderson – & Morgan, the dog

In some circles, getting good air means launching off a ramp with a skateboard or snowboard under your feet and doing some serious hang-time before coming back down to earth. For T.J. Anderson, owner of Atlantic Spray Foam, getting good air stems from providing homeowners and businesses with the healthiest and highest performing spray insulation system available today; and business is getting some impressive hang-time.

Utilizing the safest, healthiest, and highest performing forms of spray insulation on the market, Atlantic Spray Foam is improving energy efficiency and air quality with made-in-the-USA, Dimilec. With a GREENGUARD® Certification, earned for its high degree of renewability and recyclability, Dimilec is removing dust and allergens from the air, all while keeping Anderson’s clients green.

“We’re growing rapidly,” Anderson said. “We’re at about 50 percent more business today than we were this time last year.” In addition to offering some of the most efficient and environmentally-conscious products on the market, he said, “I attribute our growth to our honesty and our reputation. I tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. I believe the economy is coming back and it’s coming back pretty strong. People want to do more energy efficient improvements, and people are hearing about us. We’re doing work in a lot of existing homes, so we’re getting a lot of referrals from those homeowners. People are hearing about us and hearing about our good work and referring us to other customers. People trust us, and that goes a long way.”

A big component of the success at Atlantic Spray Foam is the level of ongoing training their technicians receive. According to Anderson, the insulation manufacturers are always looking to make material improvements, and are committed to keeping their customers informed. “The Dimilec rep comes at least every month-and-a-half and spends a couple of days with my guys on continuing education on the process and the product. They do on-site training with them from the chemical make-up to the materials.”

The commitment to a team where every member has a good depth of knowledge about the process and the products has led Anderson to hire Matthew Humphries. Humphries was brought on to expand their sales force capabilities, but has spent the past six months learning the business from the foam up. “I wanted him to learn how to spray; that way he knows what he’s talking about when he’s working with the customers,” Anderson said.

The manufacturers are a big part of training new employees as well. “Any time I hire a new employee, they [manufacturers] come down and work with my guys. They certify everyone through the manufacturer,” Anderson said.

Getting good air seems to run in the Anderson household. T.J.’s nine year old son Bradlee is keeping the family busy filling his sails with good air, as the one of the youngest members of the South Carolina Yacht Club Junior’s traveling team. Reaching that stage in a family’s life, T.J. and his wife Rachel are seeing Bradlee’s independent enthusiasm for the sport and his skill at it growing and reaping rewards. “He’s been on boats since he was two months old, and he loves the water. When he gets out there, he’s a natural at it,” Anderson said. “He took a class at Windmill Harbour (home of the South Carolina Yacht Club) two summers ago, and this past year they asked him to come out. They wanted him to try-out and see what he could do. He’s on the team, and he loves it. We are travelling to regattas throughout the summer and into the fall.”

Matthew Humphries, the newest addition to the Atlantic Sprayfoam Sales Team.

Anderson says this summer they will be hauling Bradlee and his Optimist boat, named the Patricia Gale after his late grandmother, to Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, Charleston, Beaufort, and Augusta in the fall.

“We make it a family affair,” he said, with Rachel and their son Turner joining the crew. Anderson grew up with parents who encouraged his own dreams and hopes he is doing the same for Bradlee. “My parents were business owners too. I was offered the opportunity to join their business. I didn’t want to do what they were doing. They didn’t push me to do it. My mother said, whatever makes you happy, go do it.”

“I think he [Bradlee] will be on a boat somewhere. Once he graduates from college I can see him being a captain,” Anderson said. Despite his own affinity for powerboats, Anderson said, “We’re getting into it, and we know there are scholarships out there. Obviously that’s down the road a bit, but that’s our ultimate goal as parents.” The Andersons encourage Bradlee to look to the older sailors for inspiration, “Hopefully because he’s so young he’ll have a jump start.”

Getting good air can lift the skateboarder to new heights. At Atlantic Spray Foam good air will fill your home and your lungs with the most pure atmosphere possible; and filling his sails on the open water will power Bradlee Anderson’s boat and quite possibly his dreams. Getting good air is a very good thing.

Atlantic Spray Foam is located at 49 Browns Cove Road, Suite A2, Ridgeland. For more information, visit atlanticsprayfoam.net or call (843) 441-6690.

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