May 2014

CH2's First Annual Photography Contest

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We had over 100 submissions for our first annual Facebook Photography Contest, which was held from March 1st – March 31st. While we agreed to print the ten photos with the most likes on FB, the Art Department, along with our contributing photographers reserved the right to pick the winner and award the $500 Cash Prize.

Each person on our design team was tasked with picking three favorites before the deciding vote, which would be a starting point for narrowing down the winner. The winner was clear when five of the six judges picked the same photo as one of their three.

Congratulations to Chrissy Sandifer, whose photo featuring a Boston Terrier titled “What are you looking at?” grabbed the judges’ attention and won the prize of $500 cash.

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The Winner of the $500 Cash Prize.

“What are you looking at?”
Photo by Chrissy Sandifer
Meet the Judges:

Tom Staebler
Contributing Art Director
Tom moved to Hilton Head in 2007 after a successful career as the Art Director at Playboy for over 40 years. He recently attended an International Photography Seminar hosted by Jarmo Pohjaniemi in Miami where he was a guest speaker and portfolio advisor to attendees.

Anne Caufmann
Anne and her team are experienced, professional photographers with fabulous Studios on Hilton Head Island and in downtown Charleston, SC.
They love to travel nationwide, specializing in Fine Art Weddings, Commercial, Portraits and Fashion.

Kelly Stroud
Art Director
Kelly moved to Hilton Head Island eight years ago after graduating from James Madison University with a BFA in Graphic Design. In February 2006 she started with the Lowrey Group designing ads, and then in October of 2006 was part of the initial team to start CH2 Magazine.

Catherine Davies
Art & Production
Catherine moved to Hilton Head in 2009 to take a design job with CH2 magazine. She is originally from North Carolina and attended school at Appalachian State University where she completed a BFA in Graphic Design.

Mark Staff
For over 20 years, the stylized brand of photography that Mark Staff produces has graced the covers of magazines across America and Canada. His work is continually contracted by advertising agencies for global corporate clients as well as celebrity portraits and weddings. Hilton Head Island has been home to Mark and his photographer wife Lisa for 11 years. Locally they photograph both family, individual portraits as well as weddings.

Hunter Kostylo
Graphic Design
After graduating from the College of Charleston in 2012, Hunter took an internship at C2 where she put her graphic design skills to work. Shortly after, she officially became a part of the C2 team as a graphic designer and tech support guru.

Tom’s Picks

“What are You Looking at?”
Powerful image, that forces you to stop and look. As a graphic designer, I’ve always felt that “scale” and “negative space” were the most important elements of a great image. This photo has both.

“My City”
I have always been concept oriented. To create images, not just record what exists—that is what drew me to this photo. What is the story behind it? If there is one, I would read it. I would like to see more from this photographer.

“Ocean’s Love”
Dramatic image that existed for only an instant; it will never be seen again…that is unless Photoshop is involved here.

Anne’s Picks

“Sparkle and Spiral”
Very artistic and colorful. Love the technique of painting with light. Would love a 30 × 40 metal print of this on my wall!

“What are You Looking at?”
Pure, sharp, clean and great composition.

“Ocean’s Love”
Awesome. He should check out Drew Barrymore’s new book!

Kelly’s Picks

“Wilma, Wonderful in White”
We have done many pet photoshoots here at CH2, mostly with Photography by Anne. I just know how hard it is to get animals to stay still or to “pose” as one would say. The dramatic lighting and the dog himself make this one of my favorite submitted photos.

“What are You Looking at?”
Again, when working with pets, they are so unpredictable. But in this photograph, it is the composition that I find most interesting. I love the white space and the simplicity of this image. I think that the photographer cropped the image perfectly and captured a perfect facial expression of the dog.

“Just a Little Tummy Ache”
Wow, I had to do a double take on this photograph. It is so sharp yet almost so perfect that she looks fake or more like a 3D animation than a real girl. I love her expression. I found this image a bit weird, but interesting—capturing life’s little moments.

Catherine’s Picks

“What are You Looking at?”
I love the white space and composition of this photo. The picture looks like it happened by chance, but somehow everything came together perfectly. To me, this photo stands out among all others.

“Just a Little Tummy Ache”
This photo is so over-the-top; everything seems to have been exaggerated in size and color from her eyes to the robot she is holding. I can feel her tummy ache from her expression, and I understand that only a toy robot could make things better.

“Proud to be a Sea Dog”
How can you not love that face? I can’t decide whether I want to hug this pup or try to push his eyelids up so he can see. Looks like a sweet puppy that I would love to meet and give a good scratch to behind his ears.

Mark’s Picks

“Just a Little Tummy Ache”
The image with the little girl is quite interesting. The composition is balanced and set up as a magazine style cover. The color choices for background and wardrobe are very bright and fresh, which gives a stylized feel to the shot. I like her expression and tussled imperfect hair. Photoshop, whether purposefully over done or not, adds to the surreal look of the image.

“The Lighthouse”
Beauty found in architectural structures can be profoundly interesting as in this image. The photographer obviously put some effort into finding an interesting angle and allowed the natural light to create the feeling in the image. I appreciate the postproduction soft vignette focus that leads the viewer up. Nice clean image

“Wilma, Wonderful in White”
The stark contrast of black with white created by exposing for the natural light source is striking. The natural light playing off of the dog’s body creates a three-dimensional subject against the hard flat black. It would be nice to see if the photographer can bring back any detail in the overexposed area to show hair detail

Hunter’s Picks

“What are You Looking at?”
To be completely honest, it was the first photo that popped out at me. It could be a perfect ad for a company like Pet Smart or Kibbles n’ Bits. The use of white space makes this image stand out.

“Wilma, Wonderful in White”
The use of lighting highlights the dog’s features, from her crystal blue eyes to her pink toenails. It is a stunning image.

“Pier Pressure”
Loved the use of repetition and the balance between the light and dark elements of the photograph.


Wilma, Wonderful in White
Photography by Kathryn Dunlap

Proud to Be a Sea Dog
Photography by Kathryn Dunlap
LIKES: 443

The Island Icon
Photography by Devin Taylor
LIKES: 213

Ocean’s Love
Bradley Beach, Hilton Head Island, SC
Photography by Jesse Cadman
LIKES: 188

Burning Light, Burning Bright..
Photography by Jeff Johns

Spanish Wells Sunset
Photography by Devin Taylor
LIKES: 173

Hold On To What’s Left of Today
Photography by Chris Johanson
LIKES: 124

Sunrise Paddle at Shelter Cove
Photography by Kelsey Farman
LIKES: 104

Diverging Paths
Photography by Kim McCue
LIKES: 102

Hooked On You
Photography by Siobhán McCann

and that concludes our top ten! Special thanks to all those who entered and participated in the contest. Until next year…

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