May 2014

The Herb Room

Author: Becca Edwards

There are the “antis” like antibiotics, anti-histamines and anti-depressants; pills for lowering cholesterol and raising libido; syrups for decreasing flu symptoms and increasing energy; and creams to help you reduce cellulite and take years off of your face. These “wellness” products are like kudzu—fast growing, invasive and make me question, “What lies underneath?” Surely nothing natural.

When I was a child, I remember continuously being serenaded by cereal, toy and pro-athlete commercials. As an adult, I am repeatedly repelled by prescription drug ads with lengthy disclaimers and actors or models pushing bottled up promises. We are constantly bombarded with what I call “toxic Band-Aids.” According to the 2010 documentary Pill Poppers, “Over a person’s lifetime they are likely to be prescribed more than 14,000 pills.” Don’t you think that’s jaw-dropping data?

Thankfully, The Herb Room, located at 14 New Orleans Road, offers a simple, easy to swallow remedy. “If you are looking to be more natural and make small changes, like what to do for a sinus infection, The Herb Room offers healing products and herbal consulting,” said owner April Lewis. “Products like over-the-counter sinus pills mask the pain and issues but do not prepare your body for the next infection. By using herbs and teas instead, simple, small steps can be taken to help build your immune system and let your body utilize the natural healing abilities we all possess.”

Lewis’ The Herb Room line includes 33 all-organic, all-natural products including:

Boo Boo Balm. One of the more popular balms because of its versatility, the gentle healing herbs ease pain and give instant relief—great on scratches, burns, rashes, bug bites and itchy skin.
Spotty Body Balm. This super healing balm reduces the chance of infection and is a great addition to any camper’s bag. Antibacterial and antifungal, this balm also works great on pretty much any skin condition including eczema, psoriasis, ringworm, athlete’s foot and more.
Open the Floodgates. Got a little congestion block? Just put a little dab under your nose or above and below the eyes and feel the floodgates open. Got a little extra congestion? Try rubbing it on your chest, upper back or soles of the feet and breathe in the invigorating scent. This powerful decongestant is great for allergies, sinus infections and colds.
Stork Balm. Show your love by using this fantastic balm that no mother should be without. Rub the balm on any of the affected areas and let the soothing herbs do the work. Safe to use on babies, this balm also works on diaper rash, chapped skin, sore nipples and stretch marks.
Pet Pal. This super healing balm reduces infection and is antifungal and antibacterial. Great for hot spots or itchy skin.
Lights Out. Deep sleep allows the body to re-energize and the mind to rejuvenate. Drift away to a restful slumber with this balm as it calms your mind.
Chilled to the Bone. This pain-relieving balm helps with arthritis inflammation, headaches and joint stiffness.
Heat Wave. Sore muscles and joints are a pain that can lead to inactivity and immobility. Stop the cycle by rubbing this orange balm onto the affected areas and enjoy the long-lasting relief you’ve been waiting for.

The Herb Room also offers tinctures for migraines, PMS, adrenal and postpartum relief, restlessness and anxiety for adults, restlessness and fussiness for children and babies, pain relief, teething and immune boosting, as well as a pregnancy iron boost, an anti-inflammatory, and a multi-vitamin. Roll-ons include Skeeter Beater bug repellent and the Yogini Blend for relaxation. To fight the common cold, The Herb Room mixes up elderberry syrup and throat sprays. The Herb Room also sells toiletries, including hand soap, toothpaste and deodorant. Plus, you can sip on specialty teas like the 11 Spices Spicy Decaf Chai Tea.
Even with all these good for you goodies, what Lewis is really offering is a chance to live more holistically—a movement that is near and dear to her heart.

“The Herb Room was created in 2008 when I was trying to find products that were of good enough quality to use on my two children,” Lewis said. “I was finding that most of the natural products did not hold up to their promises. A simple balm [Stork Balm] has turned my love of herbs into a growing passion to help you put fewer harsh chemicals in and on your body.”

According to Lewis, we take in almost 17 percent of our oxygen through our skin, which is also our largest organ. “Why slather this precious and vital part of our body with hundreds of chemicals a day? Let me help you live a more natural, healthy life,” she said. “Plus, if I can replace one synthetic medication with one natural herb and really address your issue, I feel like I’ve truly made a difference.” For more information on the Herb Room call (843) 422- 8860. 

Becca Edwards is a holistic health coach, yoga and Barre instructor, birth doula, writer/blogger and owner of b.e.well and b.e.creative (

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