February 2014


Author: Lyndsey Rhode


(inspired by the movie “HER”)

And in that moment.
It wasn’t about something
you could see or touch,
But in what you feel.

It was everything and nothing
you had in common with one soul.

A leap of faith into the unknown.
Something unexpected and different,
But it felt so right..
so I jumped.

And as I fell, I felt more
alive in that moment
than I had my whole life.

Maybe it wasn’t about who or what
you were,
But that you were…


And as long as I could go
to infinity with you,
it didn’t matter.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes,
just wait for me.
I’ll come, I’ll come.

And the problems of yesterday
will be washed away
into the ocean of unknown.

Because I love the way you
look at the world.

-Lyndsey Rhode

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