February 2014

February Editor's Note

Author: Maggie Washo

The February issue found us looking for inspiration in Savannah. We thought it was the perfect backdrop for a Runaway Bride to find love again – River Street and City Market provided a stunning scene on a sunny Sunday afternoon in January. Our stylist Kim Molloy also unearthed some hip threads over the Talmadge Bridge for our tiny tot fashion on page 46. I LOVE that we have big city (ok…medium size city) style just a few minutes away.

According to our latest online survey, 60% of our readers have pets. To be honest, I thought that was a little low. In our office alone, the pet to non-pet owner ratio is 81 percent to 19 percent. For four years now, we’ve held a Most Adorable Pet Contest through CH2’s Facebook page, with the winner (the most LIKES on their photo) landing on the cover and receiving $300 cash. What amazes me every year is the viral capacity of this contest. According to our FB stats, our runner-ups photo (Jake Castelli, the pretty white Golden Retriever) was seen over 23,000 times. This is notable because we currently have around 5000 fans on Facebook. What does all this mean? That you love pets and I’m justified in all the pages we dedicate to talking about them every February.

Bonnie channeled Stevie Wonder at her photo shoot with Photography by Anne for the cover. She was born blind and had her eyes removed at about six months when the pressure started causing her pain. For more about this sweet pup, check out page 77.

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