January 2014

10 Tips to a Tech-Savvy Yet Traditional Wedding

Author: Rebecca Edwards

The other day I got my first Evite to a wedding. I was stunned. Intrigued. And left with some heady, hard-hitting questions like: Has society come so “far” (double entendre intended) that a free online invitation service, complete with clip art, has replaced the Crane Paper stationary (from Pretty Papers in the Village at Wexford) that cost me a whole month’s salary and I framed because it was so beautiful? Am I actually becoming my mother or maybe being a little too southern and old fashioned? Should I find a warm place in my heart for modern mores and embrace this Evite with loving arms?

I had to consult an expert. I called Jennifer Leiti of Embellished Events. Leiti provides high design and luxury planning services for weddings throughout the Hilton Head area. Plus, she is a modern-age gal with a good sense of time-honored traditions. Just like the 200-plus brides she has helped walk down the aisle, I knew she could walk me through the “I do’s and don’ts” of a techno-savvy wedding that would be classy with a “C” and not a “K.”

1. Do use Pinterest as a form of inspiration.
2. Don’t copy ideas from Pinterest though. Be original. This is your special day
3. Do set a budget and put it into a spreadsheet or format everyone can understand—especially before you secure vendors or make any big purchases.
4. Don’t use software that is difficult for you or anyone else to use. Try Excel or SmartSheet.
5. Do keep your guests in mind and make them feel included with event details. “Wedding websites are still very popular, especially for destination weddings. Try Appy Couple—it’s both a website and an app,” Leiti said.
6. Don’t think, though, that your guests will exclusively check the website or download the app. Make sure to send out invitations (preferably on elegant stationary) in a timely fashion.
7. Do add personal touches. Leiti’s favorite way to personalize a wedding is by having a custom “brand” designed exclusively for the big day. “Just as you would have a graphic artist create a brand board for your new business, have someone create one for your wedding. From the custom monogram or motif to the typestyles and patterns, keep the overall look consistent from the day your guests open their save-the-dates to the moment they depart the reception,” Leiti said.
8. Don’t make an over-the-top statement with your design. Use your Pinterest account to create a storyboard that allows you to see how everything will come together.
9. Do remember not everyone can make your special day—whether it’s your grandmother who no longer travels, or your finance’s brother serving abroad.
10. Don’t worry. Skype or FaceTime them during the toast or video record the first dance and put it on YouTube or Facebook or send it via text.*

To learn more about Leiti and Embellished Events, call (843) 757-7762, visit embellishedweddings.com or like Embellished Events, LLC on Facebook. Best wishes and remember to plan responsibly—i.e. your mother is always right (even when she’s wrong), and nodding is the path of least resistance and the checkbook.

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