January 2014

January 2014: Mayors

Author: Drew Laughlin, Lisa Sulka | Photographer: Photography by Anne

Planning for the Town’s Future

Town Council dedicated three days in late November to prioritizing significant objectives for the coming year. Having attended many annual strategic planning council workshops, I can attest to the fact that this year, council accomplished some heavy lifting. We dispensed with our normal format and delved into issues that needed go/no-go decisions, needed timelines, and needed deeper general discussion. I was particularly proud of council since we came away with specific, measurable, and definitive decisions on issues that we have been wrestling with and those that have ripened for action. Here are the results of our three-day effort:

Town of Hilton Head Island: Destination 2029 Guiding Principles
Living in Harmony with Nature, Protecting the Natural Beauty, and Creating a Unique Sense of Place
Sustaining Community Prosperity Through a Diversified, Strong Local Economy Based Upon Resort, Retirement, and Non-Hospitality Businesses
Providing Meaningful Experiences that Cherish our History, the Arts, Cultural Diversity, and Enrich the Lives of our Residents and Guests
Striving for Excellence in Everything We Plan, Build, Do, and Maintain
Providing a Serene, Safe, and Healthy Living Environment for Residents and Guests
Working Together and Volunteering for the Greater Good of the Hilton Head Island Community

Town of Hilton Head Island 2019: Our Goals
Positive Climate for Business Investment
Upgraded Public Infrastructure and Facilities
Town Government: Financially Sound,
Excellent Services
Enrich Lives of Residents and Guests
Preeminence for Environmental Stewardship

Policy Agenda 2014: Targets for Action
Tax Increment Financing Extension
USCB Facility Development
Coligny Area Development
Island Recreation Center Expansion

Land Management Ordinance Rewrite
Arts Collaboration Study
Chaplin Linear Park
Heritage Plaza Road Extension
Tax Increment Financing Projects Prioritization

• Dredging Future Management and Maintenance
• Shelter Cove Park

Management Agenda 2014
Solid Waste Collection and Recycling
Economic Development Corporation
Shelter Cove Town Centre Development: Rezoning
ATAX Additional Funds Criteria
Airport Master Plan: Implementation
Vacant Underserved Property Inventory and Map: Report
Beach Renourishment (2015): Permitting
Mathews Drive Side Street Improvement Project: Funding
Regional Transportation Model: Development
Lemoyne Avenue Roadway and Pedestrian Improvements: Direction and Funding
Employee Compensation: Direction and Funding
Noise Ordinance Revision: Shelter Cove

As Hilton Head Island continues to experience a renaissance of new and re-development, I hope that you see in our list many of the ways in which the town plays a critical role in achieving recent successes. The public and private sector have much to be proud of this year, and we have worked closer than ever before.

History a Main Attraction for Bluffton Visitors Fundraiser initiated to replace marker

In 2005, Bluffton’s primary historical marker, on which was annotated a brief historical summary of the town, was destroyed by a vehicle and has never been replaced. The Bluffton Historical Preservation Society, a 501©(3) non-profit, has agreed to officially sponsor the replacement marker project. The development process is lengthy and expensive, with a cost of $2,300. The Hargray Caring Coins Foundation has generously donated $1,000 for our project, which leaves a remaining balance of $1,300.

Not only would a new marker be esthetically impressive to Bluffton’s visitors, but it is imperative that a town of such historical consequence have a primary marker. In addition, visitors who were polled in a recent USCB study revealed that history was the most important factor in their decision to visit Bluffton. This new trend is wonderful news for the local economy and beneficial for the entire community. The historical walking tour industry is clean and attracts diners, shoppers and patrons of various local industries.

In an effort to raise the remaining $1300, I am asking for help. Local businesses and donors who wish to join me and make a contribution to the Town Marker Fund, please contact Maureen Richards at the Heyward House Historic Center on Boundary St. in Old Town at (843) 757-6293. Contributions are tax deductible and can be conveniently paid with a credit or debit card. I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to participants and donors in advance. I look forward to seeing you at the ribbon cutting ceremony at a date to be determined.

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