January 2014

Charity Corner: Timeless Interiors

Author: Special to CH2

Bluffton design studio and furniture store Timeless Interiors announced a special new project on “Giving Tuesday” to make over a local charity. They have asked local residents to nominate charities to help them select a beneficiary.

Timeless Interiors has made headlines with the ground breaking on Bluffton Parkway of a new 52,000-square-foot home interior complex. During their move, they will donate approximately 1,500 ft. of furnishings to update a Lowcountry charity’s office, headquarters, or charity recipient’s home.

Over the past 10 years, Timeless Interiors has done interior design and furnished eldercare facilities, churches, hotels, clubhouses, and homes. They have become known for their interior design and home staging service, drawing from their inventory and installing furniture into homes from Hilton Head to Costa Rica. Their furniture and design work can be found in model homes in plantations throughout the Lowcountry. Now they would like to turn their vision outward and find a new charity to support through this special project.

Holly Dixon, Timeless Interiors owner, has been donating to ecclesiastical and charitable organizations her entire life. She said, “Charity is best given and received in private. However, we can think of no better way of supporting a worthy charity than engaging with the local community.” Timeless Interiors and its staff have supported Family Promise, Goodwill, Salvation Army, Heifer, Habitat for Humanity, Hope Haven, World Vision, breast cancer and health-related charities, and others.

“We are often led to charities through celebrities, television, and other media. These are giant, national charities and are great causes. It’s nice to take a moment, reflect, and recognize the great work that is also done in our own backyard,” Dixon said. Since Giving Tuesday, Timeless Interiors has received more than a dozen recommendations.

All submissions should include a short description of the charity, contact information, and how the organization has made a difference and could benefit from the makeover. Personal stories and anecdotes are encouraged.

Nominations can be made online at timelessinteriorshiltonhead.com/charity. A winner will be selected by Timeless Interiors in a blind drawing on January 31.

The winner will receive the makeover, a small donation, and the details of their nomination. Timeless Interiors hopes to bring more attention to the various causes to promote additional donations and fundraising. Dixon commented, “We would like to see our local community join us in supporting Lowcountry charities more.” They would welcome other businesses and private parties’ participation in donating to support the nominees.

Beyond finding a single winner, Timeless Interiors has committed to publicizing all charities that have been nominated. They plan to feature them on the Timeless Interiors website, through their social media, and do what they can to donate more items and assist with fundraising efforts. 

For more information, follow Timeless Interiors on social media and visit their blog.

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