December 2013

Q&A: Home 101 with Tim Silcox

Author: Tim Silcox

Healthy Environments’ Tim Silcox answers frequently asked questions by homeowners about keeping their houses “healthy”

Why is my home so dusty?
It’s attic fiberglass, because local codes do not require sealing areas around supply boot boxes and other sheet rock penetrations that pull dust into conditioned space. (These problems are worse in newer homes with blown-in fiberglass insulation.)

Why does mold grow in air ducts?
When homes are built, construction dust gets sucked into return ducts, coating brand new air handler components and supply ducts. This dust is a food source that grows into mold the first cooling season.

How is your duct cleaning process different than other duct cleaners?
We only use low velocity nozzles to clean, not damaging brushes. Our EPA-registered coating is not a dangerous biocide pesticide that is allowed to be used in this state.

How do you clean dryer vents and how often do you recommend it?
With over 15,000 dryer fires every year, it is recommended every one-three years, depending on use. We use only low velocity nozzles that do not damage or disconnect dryer ducts causing more issues.

Why don’t you recommend using open cell spay foam insulation?
In a crawlspace, it absorbs moisture like a sponge, so rats and termites love it. In attics, it heats up and off-gasses and it has a poor insulation value.

Why is your V-Kool window film better than any tinted film?
It’s the world’s clearest film, so it doesn’t darken your view. It is not shiny at night and does not heat up the glass causing glass failure. It cuts 89 percent heat and is rated number one to reduce fading.

What does it mean to be ACAC accredited?
Many states, including Florida and Maryland, have passed state laws that require ACAC certification as a prerequisite for mold licensure to handle mold assessment and remediation. 

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