December 2013

Tips from a Pro: Supersize that? The Advantage of Oversized Grips

Author: Pete Popovich

We live in a world where everything is oversized. The oversize phenomenon has even crept into grips, in particular, putting grips. Where oversize might not be good for some things—our waistlines, meals, etc.—it might actually prove beneficial to our putting. Let us examine why.

Conventional putter grips are small in diameter, i.e. thin. Unless they are built up by adding tape under them in the installation process, many of them are no bigger than one inch in diameter. As the fingers and hand close around the handle, if the grip is not large enough to accommodate the hand, the trailing hand wraps too much on top of the grip, causing the trailing arm to ride high at set-up and during the stroke. (PIC 1)

This causes the arms to work on a separate plane from the rest of the body and target line. As a result, your stroke moves outside to in, as it follows the plane of the arms, which results in missed putts. (Notice how you can see the bottom half of the lead forearm.) (PIC 2)

Using an oversized grip allows the lead arm and the trailing arm to be on the same plane. (PIC 3) When this occurs, not only are the arms in alignment with one another, they are also in alignment with the target line and the body lines. This is all good, regardless of what putting theory you apply.

If you are having trouble with your putting stroke, it might be the result of a putter grip that is too small. Try a larger grip and see if it fixes your set-up and results in more putts made.

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