December 2013

December 2013:Letters to the Editor

Author: Special to CH2

Regarding a line in the sand about Common Core
I understand Courtney’s perspective and I applaud her for wanting more for her students. I, too, want more for my students (my children) but I don’t think Common Core is the answer. I am disappointed that Frank didn’t take the opportunity to enlighten more people to the real issues. Instead Frank took a more mud slinging comical approach…which is the point of the series of monthly topics (I suppose). My resistance to Common Core comes from the same resistance that educators and parents have always had: We don’t want kids to be experiments; we don’t trust the business model as a way to run education; we are wary of the corporate and political influence involved in the process; we are sick of standardized tests being used to value a school, a teacher, and a child; and we are tired of having initiatives thrust on top of them without them even being sort of ready to be implemented.
Mary Frances Lowrey


EDITOR’S NOTE: Last month, I asked our readers if they were in my shoes, which of these two covers they would have chosen. We certainly did get a lot of responses. While most of the letters we received were in favor of the turkeys, our fans on Facebook clearly preferred the tattoo cover, out LIKING the turkeys 64 to 36.

Hi Maggie,
You made a good choice. I’d venture to guess that 99 percent of Americans (save a few vegans) love the anticipated Thanksgiving turkey. The percentages decrease greatly for tattooed bodies, especially by those over 40.

If I were younger, I would invest heavily in laser tattoo removals, a business that will undoubtedly thrive as the inked ones begin to regret some of the symbols and sayings that they obtained in a moment of “keeping up with the fad.” They may look good on a buff body, but with time, everything sags and starts pointing toward Brazil. It’s not quite the same effect.
I enjoy your editorials.
Best Regards,


Hi there!
You’re definitely not an old fuddy-duddy! I really love the turkeys (the ones inside the magazine, too). They’re great.

I am a Hilton Head Island native who just moved back after trying to live in Murrells Inlet and Greenville. They just weren’t home.

Thanks for your time!
PS. The tattooed football guy is excellent eye candy, but I love those turkeys! :)


Hope all is well with you. Up in Columbus watching “hell” slowly descend on Ohio! Just read Nov. CH2 online; it was either that or lick and paste Green Stamps. I love the magazine, and even though the cover was a bit tame, I think it was much less scary than the guy with all the tats, who I think had to have done a little time at some local correctional facility! I have two tattoos, and I also do a lot of prison ministry in Ohio and S.C. and bet a very large dude at Lucasville Prison in Ohio (only maximum security in Ohio) $5 that I would get one and he still has not paid me. Another fact with tattoos is that if you get one you will ALWAYS get at least one more! I think the wild side of you wanted “Tat Man,” but the boss decision-maker part of you won out which was the best choice.
Best Regards,
Dr. Evans

Without a doubt, the tattooed man should have been your cover art. :)
Brucie Holler

Dear Maggie,
Great choice… I, for one, feel the turkey cover for November is a most creative and “fun” cover. You chose wisely! I do believe the tattoo one would have discouraged me from picking up the magazine. Maybe I’m a fuddy-duddy too, but let’s say then the majority of the folks who live on Hilton Head Island may be also.

With all the wonderful local artists on the island and in Bluffton, I believe I will be in the majority in liking the cover. It captured my attention immediately! I love all the various turkeys on Page 52. Gary Palmer did a wonderful job depicting the true holiday spirit. After all, Thanksgiving is a family tradition, and you have kept that image just that! It’s a fun and thankful time of year… it put a smile on my face! Kudos to you for making the right choice!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and all at CH2! My best,


I am so turned off by this tattoo thing. To me it seems ludicrous to have something so permanent etched into the body. Decorative? No way. I see it as a scar that will never ever go away. “Decorating my house,” says the lady in the interview describing the reason for her tattoos. Will she never, ever want to redecorate her “house?”

Women change their clothes, shoes, purses, at a whim! Why would they want the same design plastered on their arm, neck, stomach, etc. without the option to CHANGE or ERASE?

I also do not think a magazine such as yours needs to promote this idiotic craze as cool and artistically expressive. A tattoo does not help you get a job. A tattoo can ruin a relationship. A tattoo is usually strange. A tattoo will stretch and change as the body ages.
What are the positives?


M. Washo,
I was reading the November issue of CH2 and saw the cover choices. I am a 39-year-old nurse. You would never suspect me to have a tattoo. I didn’t until recently. I think more and more people are getting tattoos later in life. Either making a statement, holding onto youth and fun or symbolizing something special in their life. I always knew I wanted one, but as you stated before, it is permanent. I have really been reminiscing about my grandmother. How we always would grow and pick roses together. So I finally knew what I wanted. I never want to forget those times I shared with her. So I had an orchid tattoo placed in her memory permanently on my upper back. I love it. ;)

So to answer your question on which cover to pick: definitely Colin Kaepernicks! Plus, he is not bad to look at. ;)
Hope this helps.


Dear Ms. Washo,
I appreciate your more traditional instincts with the very artsy Turkey cover. I would like to think this form of art still prevails with the majority of your readers, and the public as well. But who knows?!

This is the first time in a long time that I have read your magazine from cover to cover. I must say, I am impressed and found it thoroughly enjoyable with colorful ads, and captivating with its informative articles. The “A Line in the Sand” article has me really wondering which viewpoint is more valid. I have a tendency to be an Obama skeptic since I voted for him twice and he has let me down more times than that! On the other hand, who can doubt the sincerity of Courtney Hampson and her first-hand experience with an actual student. I would suggest a follow up article with more feedback and results.

And finally, the tattoo article. Since I am decidedly old (and old-schooled!), I was not even interested in this topic. However, in the spirit of the magazine, I decided to delve into the subject and see what was said about what I consider to be a total waste of time and money. I found the background of the tattoo movement fascinating and the reasons for getting tattooed legitimate and of merit for many. The suggestion of doing a temporary one first and living with it for a while makes sense to me and seemed to be a good way to make up one’s mind, either pro or con.

So congratulations on putting forth a very compelling, informative, interesting and very artistically done issue of CB2.


Ms. Washo,
For what it’s worth, you did make the right choice for the November cover. Tattoos for Thanksgiving? Give me a break. Gary Palmer’s turkeys were very cleverly drawn, and I, also, found them humorous. I find little humor or cleverness in tattoos. Tattoos may go over well in San Francisco, but that’s a totally different culture out there which they can keep out there!
We may be getting older, but we don’t have to abandon our sense of good taste for what I believe to be another current fad that will pass with time.
Happy Thanksgiving!


I like your choice. I am sick to death of seeing Tattoos!!!!!!
Keep up the good work.
Betty Reid,
Smith Mountain Lake, VA

Cover was fantastic. Enjoyed all the turkey renditions.
Sorry, nothing against tattoos but I really don’t want to see it on the cover of a Hilton Head magazine. Martha

I truly love getting this magazine every month. Steph

YEA! YEA! Best cover is the Turkey!!! **Pat Pollak**

I like the turkey cover. Cinda

I love the cover of the November issue! However I am anticipating the ink cover…perhaps after the holidays! T. Mervin

“I prefer the turkey to the tattoo, but it depends on what you are going to do with the magazine. If you want a dignified magazine on your coffee table, looking at a guy’s tattoos plus the waistband on his underwear is not what you want to see for a month. It might be attention-getting at a newsstand, and maybe the younger generation would like it better. Some magazines have two covers when there is a conflict :) That way the more conservative folks can have the turkey and the trendy set can look at tattoos!”


Thank you for having selected the wonderful, whimsical island turkey design of Gary Palmer, ( and including his other depiction’s of island turkey) for your cover. It was this very imaginative drawing that caught my attention, and made me take a copy of the magazine home. I most definitely would not have even given the magazine a second look had the cover picture shown the tattooed fellow. The consequence would have been unfortunate for me, as I not only thoroughly enjoyed reading this edition of your magazine, but also have been directed to many new shops/businesses that I didn’t previously know about.
I absolutely love the turkey,
Marlene Masales


I am responding to your article in CB2 where you were conflicted about what cover to use for the November cover, and actually, I agree with your art director, I would have went with the guy with the tattoo. I am a retired Marine, I served 20 years, and I have lived here in Bluffton since 2005. Since that time frame, I watched Bluffton grow and evolve. I am in my mid-40s, and I have a son who is in his early twenties and serving in the Marines as well. We all, including my wife, have tattoos. My tattoos represent myself (sarcastically) and some important trials and journeys in my life, but no Marine Corps symbols. My wife has a rose on her leg with my son’s name underneath. my son, however, has the traditional Marine Corps tattoo on his back. How ironic eh?

I normally read your magazine on occasion to see what’s new around town, and I was disappointed that you were what I called “gun-shy” or “playing it safe”. Do you feel that this cover was in bad taste? That is the impression that I get from you choosing the current cover. You started out with this article on a good note, showing Bluffton’s diversity, and bridging the generation gap, but you set yourself back by being too conservative. I think I am way older than you, despite your mustache! (LOL) Your magazine represents what Bluffton is about, you can not state “Celebrate Bluffton and Beyond”, and stay conservative for readers sake.  There is a lot of people older and younger that have tattoos. I know guys who are decades older than me that have tattoos, and did not involve bar scenes, and they have a story to tell as well. Showcasing things like this about Bluffton encourages growth and development within our community, how else are we going to learn about Bluffton? To answer your question yes you were being “fuddy-duddy” which by the way nobody uses that term unless…….I will let you fill in the blanks, my son did not know what you meant, and I had to show my age thanks ;)!
Ed McKay
SSgt USMC Retired
(Not old, just better!)

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