December 2013

December 2013: Editor's Note

Author: Maggie Washo | Photographer: John Brackett

Although I’m not generally one to fuss when things go wrong, this month I’ll admit I found myself pretty overwhelmed. There were many late night (think midnight) photo shoots, weekends at the office and brainstorming telephone calls with my team until 11 p.m. at night.

If something could go wrong this month, let me assure you it did. But I guess that’s what happens when you have a record-breaking month.

At some point last week, when I was about at my limit, thoughts began swirling in my head. “Does anyone really care that we put in all this effort? Am I happy? What is the meaning of life? Should I run off and join the Peace Corps?”

And you know what came to mind? All the letters I received last month regarding my November cover quandary. Letters, upon letters, upon letters. They weren’t all kind (seems a lot of you do not like tattoos at all), but most of them were. I especially loved Steph’s comment, which gave me an attitude adjustment when I needed it most. Her comment was simply, “I truly love getting this magazine every month!”

So to everyone who wrote to me last month, this issue is dedicated to you. And to Steph, wherever you are, I truly LOVED getting your note.

I’ve decided the Peace Corps can wait.

For now…

Happy Holidays to everyone and have a SAFE New Year’s Eve!

M. Washo

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