November 2013

Thanksgiving Traditions

Author: Special to CH2 | Photographer: Photography by Anne

Kim Crouch, CH2
We potluck a turkey dinner, blending northern and southern traditions in a party-like atmosphere and whoever takes the turkey carcass makes a Pennsylvania Dutch turkey soup for everybody the next day!

Catherine Davies, CH2
For the past 8 years I have been a vegetarian, which means that traditionally I have gorged on all of the sides (green bean casserole being my favorite). However, this year, I will be eating turkey and am looking forward to starting some new traditions.

Maggie Washo, CH2
No matter which sibling (I am one of five, so it varies) hosts Thanksgiving, one thing stays the same – my mom always cooks the turkey! In recent years we have also added a pre- or post-Thanksgiving oyster roast with close friends.

Tom Staebler, CH2
Growing up in Topeka, KS, Thanksgiving was just as big a tradition as Christmas! My mother always made a big old turkey and several desserts, all make with Hershey’s chocolate. Now that we live in Bluffton, our family tradition is to go to the club at Belfair for turkey dinner.

Hunter Kostylo, CH2
For Thanksgiving my family goes to Beaufort, SC, where my aunt invites our friends and family to a Thanksgiving celebration. Everyone brings food, sets up their family table, and fries up some turkey!

Kelly Stroud, CH2
As much as I love cooking, last year I pre-ordered our Thanksgiving meal from Publix and spent the day fishing with family. That way no one was (translation: me) stuck at home cooking all day!

(I sure hope my boyfriend’s mother doesn’t read this. I told her I cooked for the whole family last year!)

Kaity Robinson, CH2
This will be our first Thanksgiving in South Carolina- just my husband and me. We plan on starting new traditions of our own, but sticking with our old family recipes!

Ann Marie Fiore, Cocoon
Thanksgiving Morning Round of Golf Virginia Baked Ham, sharp Cheddar cheese and eggs are wrapped in foil and packed up for my husband and his golf buddies. Don’t forget the Bloody Mary’s!

Gary Reavis, Teague’s Fine Men Clothing
I’ve celebrated Thanksgiving with my wife and family on Hilton Head every year since 1971 because it is a very busy time at Teague’s. Around 20 family members get together Thursday to cook, chop, dice and enjoy a delicious Turkey meal followed by a big oyster roast Saturday night.

Dr. Michael Szynski, Hilton Head Hearing
Annually, my children and I serve at a Hardeeville Community Center to serve turkey and fixings. This year we will celebrate our thankfulness for each other and go on a cruise.

Melissa Gross, Dr. Timothy Gross’ Dental Excellence
For us, Thanksgiving is all about family, friends, food, and counting our blessings. Every Thanksgiving Day begins with watching the NYC parade on TV while wonderful smells from family recipes fill our home overwhelming me with feelings of nostalgia and comfort.

Anne Caufmann, Photography by Anne
Cooking is stressful. Right? So why spend time trying to do something I am not very good at. Taking photos – yes. Cooking – no. We pre-order a wonderful “Thanksgiving in a bag” from Fresh Market – fill our glasses with wine – invite friends who are not able to be with their families and let the traditions begin. Thankful for EVERYTHING!

Kandace Wightman, CH2
With my family so far away, I’ve started my own Thanksgiving tradition! A stuffed crust Digiorno pizza, pop and my all time favorite dessert éclairs in the comforts of my own home. Dinner starts at kick-off time, but… if it’s REALLY nice out, me and Bongo might just have to hit the beach!

Patrick Safe, Heritage Fine Jewelry & Gifts
For the last several years we’ve had a turkey competition. Mom and Jen compete, each with their own turkey and prepare it however they choose. There was even a year when Doug came with an unexpected ham and beat both of them!

Courtney Hampson, Palmetto Bluff
My house. Mimosas in the morning. Corn hole tourney mid-afternoon. May River shrimp on the grill. Roast the biggest bird we can find. Handmade placecards. Aunt Mary’s Irish linen. Mom always makes the gravy. Too much dessert.

Ashton Kelley, CH2
My fiancée Clark and I are lucky enough to have both of our families nearby, but it can sometimes be difficult to decide how to split Thanksgiving Day. We have made it work by alternating each year; dinner at his family’s house followed by dessert at mine. Then the following year, we switch. This has become a tradition for five years that works well for all parties involved!

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