November 2013

Faces DaySpa & Lash Studio: Where health and beauty go hand-in-hand

Author: Rebecca Edwards | Photographer: Photography by Anne

Trying to relax in yoga class, I hear the instructor say, “Exhale, touch your toes.” Reaching down, I am so appalled by the sight of my feet that I gasp and think, “I need a pedicure ASAP.” Thankfully FACES DaySpa fit me in that afternoon, and as I multi-tasked my pedicure with a writing assignment (I brought my laptop to the service), I noticed a very blissful person beside me. It was Robin Swift (VP of marketing and development for the Coastal Discovery Museum), and she was relishing in the Pedicure Plus—a body and “sole” experience that includes therapeutic reflexology added to FACES’ basic pedicure.

“The reflexology pedicure includes a full pedicure—cleaning of your heels, soles, and toes—and then an incredible massage of your legs,” Swift explained. “And then the pressure points on your feet are worked while you enjoy a hot or cold wrap around your neck, a night mask to cover your eyes and very soothing music through an iPod. Then they massage your legs and put on a hot steam towel before your nails are polished. What more can a woman want?”

Swift maintains a standing monthly pedicure appointment and considers this treatment part of her wellness routine. She believes we all need to invest in ourselves and treatments like this. “Being pampered is very relaxing, and I always leave feeling better than when I arrived,” Swift said.

According to the Mayo Clinic, regular spa visits can rub, scrub, cleanse and ease away “anxiety, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, headaches, insomnia (related to stress), and muscle and nerve pain.” Other studies (reported by the Huffington Post) found that by booking an appointment, you are booking a well-deserved wellness ticket to increased productivity at work, improved mental health, an improved immune system (and therefore fewer sick days), fewer PMS symptoms, and improved self-esteem (due to beautifying and anti-aging treatments, as well as the nurturing effects of self-care).

Patricia Owen, owner of FACES, confirmed these reports on a local level when she admitted that she and her staff “are some of FACES’ most dedicated clients” and that they often see their clients find beauty from the inside out through their services. Owen regularly gets the FACES Pedicure of the Month (which is constantly keeping clients on their toes with its originality) and admits that for 45 minutes she “zones out.”

With a head nod and a look that says, “Hey, we all deserve this,” Alexis Sargo, FACES general manager, agrees. “You don’t and shouldn’t have to do your own nails,” she said. “Simplify your life. Enjoy it.”

Photography by Krizstian

Sargo and Owen both believe that, when you feel beautiful, you feel confident and you excel in all aspects of your life. For over 30 years, Owen has made it her business to empower women by helping them feel relaxed and beautiful—from head to pedicured toe.
“The key focus here is not just offering massage. With our products, we want to zero in on what each client wants and needs,” Owen said.

“Everything we use in the room or in a service can be bought by a client so they can take their treatment home and get a long-term result,” Sargo added.

FACES staff members are encouraged to test and research products and truly get to know their clients so they can best recommend products and services as well as help FACES clients get streamlined on a beauty routine, whether it is monthly pedicures, facials, or massages. In addition to skincare products, FACES also provides makeup and professional makeup services, including special occasion makeup as well as private lessons. Returning customers appreciate a long list of rewards from a 10 percent rebooking discount, to 15 percent off FACES products (after returning empty beauty product bottles for recycling), and other incentive programs.

“I lived on Hilton Head Island for three years and got hooked on FACES. Now I drive two and a half hours one way to come every three weeks for my services,” said Tammy Mertins, who also buys FACES’ products to take home for her daily skin care. (Products are also available online at when she needs something between visits.) Mertins has also inspired her aunt to drive eight hours because she is “hooked on Tanya [a FACES employee], too.”

“Our core, long-term staff members understand the culture of FACES and our long-term clients,” Owen said. “We have very, very, high standards.”

This repartee between staff, services and clients translates to FACES’ newly opened sister space, FACES Lash Studio, which offers three FACES signature lash extension looks (Coy, Captivating and Catwalk), lash tabbing, lash perming, lash tinting, brow tinting, air brushing, and waxing (from brow design to full leg). With its chaise lounges, mirrored tables and black and white marble floors, FACES Lash Studio embodies a glamorous, old Hollywood feel.

FACES DaySpa, on the other hand, is more gender-neutral with muted colors and inspirational quotes on each wall. And yet, both spaces reflect Owen, her staff, and their mission to help you actualize your best self. Both spaces invite you to commit to a monthly spa routine, not only because you want to, but also because you really need to—for your own edification and sanity.

Photography by John Brackett

The other day, I got my Robin Swift moment and treated myself to the Pedicure Plus. Reclined in a massage chair set on “full body,” with a warm neck pillow and a light mask for my eyes, listening to the sounds of babbling brooks and other Zen-style tunes, and melting with each press of a pressure point, I was reminded of the word Namaste—a yoga greeting that essentially translates, “The light in me sees and honors the light in you.” The order of the wording here is important. You have to recognize your own light before you can see others. You have to take time to nurture yourself. 

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FACES DaySpa and Lash Studio are located in the Village at Wexford on Hilton Head Island. For more information, visit or or call (843) 785-3075 or (843) 785-LASH for appointments.

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