February 2007

TJ's Take & Bake - A Slice of Heaven

Author: Craig Hysell

There’s a saying that drifts down college dorm halls and wafts about corporate conference rooms. Every now and then a co-ed or business exec can be heard to exclaim, “It’s like pizza. Even when it’s bad, it’s good.” The point being, presumably, that no matter how bad something might have been, it was still pretty okay—until you have tasted the truth.

Sure there’s a lot of pizza out there, and it usually tastes pretty okay. But every now and then, it can taste what it was truly meant to be—absolutely delicious. TJ’s Take and Bake Pizza puts a new twist on an old favorite and proves that all pizzas are not the same.

Everything has a foundation. Pizza is no different. TJ’s slow-rises their dough in a walk-in cooler for 72 hours before using it to craft a pie. According to Take and Bake owner, Jay Conrad, by making their dough onsite and refrigerating it for an extended period of time, TJ’s slow-rising process prevents deterioration and bitter tasting dough, ensuring not only a consistent product, but a product of the finest quality and taste. Add TJ’s preservative free, homemade sauce, coupled with a wide variety of high-quality ingredients, and taste buds start anticipating some all-natural yumminess.

The staff prepares a premium, fresh, made-to-order pizza to your liking then applies another level of ingenuity to center stage. TJ’s pizzas are prepared on a specially designed baking tray that allows customers to bake their pizza in their home oven. He also added that there is a convenience factor involved as patrons are able to cook their pizzas when they wish, and not conform to someone else’s crisp crust, soft crust specifications. Pizzas can be refrigerated for up to 24 hours at home and take less than 20 minutes to cook.

TJ’s is located at Island Crossing on the South End of Hilton Head, right around the corner from Starbuck’s. Delivery is available through Express Restaurant Delivery by calling 785-7155. (Rates apply.) Take and bakers can also grab some Hilton Head Company Cookie Dough and La Nova Wings—“straight from Buffalo”—if they have more than a pizza jones to satisfy. And keep an eye out for “take and heat” pastas and lasagnas, coming soon. Call 842-TAKE from Noon-8 p.m. daily to grab a slice of heaven.

For Jay and his courteous staff of veteran pie makers, the answer to who bakes the best pizza on Hilton Head is simple: You do. They make it fresh, but you make it hot. Which begs the question: if everything were as tasty as a TJ’s Take and Bake pizza, how far away is Utopia?

TJ’s Take & Bake Pizza
Palmetto Bay Road
Hilton Head Island

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