February 2007

Let the Good Times Roll..at Main Street Lanes

Author: Adam Joskowicz

More and more, people are moving to Hilton Head Island and other beach communities to work, live, raise their families and pursue the average “American lifestyle,” only with a backdrop of sand, palm trees and the scent of ocean air. The primary difference in resort living is that the sense of suburban normalcy is sometimes lost. In times like this, we need our local bowling alley.

For many families, bowling is a tradition. However, some islanders, in keeping with the Jimmy Buffet philosophy, don’t even realize we have a bowling alley here. (Located at 2600 Main Street, the AMF Main Street Lanes are a hop, skip and a jump for most islanders.)

Americans have been bowling since the 1600s, and in many opinions, the sport runs a tight race for the nation’s favorite pastime. Places like the AMF Main Street Lanes are havens for both islanders and visitors who love to sit down with good friends and a pitcher of beer, listening to the balls roll and pins crack in the background.

With over 350 league players, Main Street Lanes has, in its eighteen years, developed a close relationship with the island. With a full bar and restaurant, the facility is open to hungry spectators as well. Every Tuesday or Thursday night, you can see the best bowlers in the area fight it out in the Sun City and Kegler’s leagues.

“We have some very good bowlers here,” said Al Boyle, who has been managing the lanes for almost two years now. “We have guys who average 230 bowling here.” Averaging 230 (out of a possible 300) in bowling terms, is like averaging about eighty on eighteen holes of golf. It’s very good, he explained.

The leagues are growing and the alley welcomes the business. With twenty-four bowling lanes, there is rarely a wait. “Xtreme bowling,” offered on Friday, Saturday and Monday nights, attracts a younger audience, as bowlers compete in total darkness, with only a glowing ball and ten fluorescent pins visible.

Boyle spoke about the importance of family sports such as bowling. “We would love to see more young faces around,” he said. “It’s a great sport for the whole family, and in my experience, brings them closer together.”

If it’s been a while since you’ve been bowling, bring the whole family to Main Street Lanes, and let the good times roll!

For more information or hours of operation, call (843) 681-7750, or visit online at www.amf.com/mainstreetlanes.

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