September 2013

Editor's Note

Author: Maggie Washo | Photographer: photography by Anne

My art director, Kelly Stroud, and I have very different styles when it comes to reading and enjoying magazines (other than this one). I say “other than this one,” because Kelly doesn’t actually READ this one. She mostly just looks at the photos and peruses it for the cliff notes. My contributing art director, Tom Staebler, assures me this is quite common behavior for an art director. “I never read any of the articles in the forty years I worked for Playboy,” he commented. Thus dispelling the myth that the eight million subscribers to Playboy (in its heyday) were actually only getting it “to read the articles.”

Kelly sees the world through photos and artwork, while I see it through words. My idea of a great article is a 15,000 word behind-the-scenes book excerpt featured in Vanity Fair. Kelly’s taste veers more towards the “The Punch List” page in GQ with what-you-need-to-know-right-now snippets that are less than a few hundred words each. Both styles contribute well to any well-rounded magazine, and so I respect the diversity and compromise we both bring to the CH2 table.

To that end, I dedicate the 5 Memorable Quotes in this Issue to Kelly, who thinks I should do something like this every month. And just to make it a little more fun…the first fivereaders to email me what page each quote is on will win $50 each. True story. (Disclaimer: Employees and the families of employees are not eligible to win this contest). My email address is

5 Memorable Quotes in this Issue:

1) “If the television shows you watch include The Real Housewives of NJ and Jersey Shore, your opinion of folks from New Jersey may be a tad skewed. We’re not all rich, tan, Mafioso’s who flip tables when we get mad and rank going to the gym ahead of doing laundry.”

2) “Right now, content providers require that we include a whole host of channels customers may not want in order to allow us to carry the channels customers do want. In addition, some content providers demand that we include their channels in our basic line-up, in essence, forcing all customers to pay for the channel, rather than allow us to put the channel in a higher tier of service.”

3) “I tested her ductwork, and her 10-ton AC unit was losing two tons under her home, creating all sorts of issues.”

4) “The “Viagra divorce,” a common phrase I hear when talking with divorce practitioners, speaks for itself… Facebook and the Internet are also common culprits for dividing marriages of long duration, providing access to past flames who are, perhaps, newly single.”

5) “The zoo was established three generations ago and is now operated by Brian Staples, who will bring some of their 100-plus exotic and domestic animals, including a lion, tiger, white panther, camel, zebra, llama, and other furry buddies, to the party this year.”

Good night and Good Luck!

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