January 2007

Kinghorn Insurance - Giving Small Business a Boost


Every day, small business owners practice a variety of professions: accounting, managing, sales and bookkeeping, to name a few. No one ever said operating a small business was easy; and these days it can be more challenging than ever. Government regulations and labor laws are increasing in both number and complexity, not to mention the costs of providing benefits and competitive salaries to skilled employees.

Fortunately for area entrepreneurs, operating a business can be simpler, thanks to a new product offered by Kinghorn Insurance. Kinghorn’s Human Resource Solutions is an employer protection program that insures business owners against employment related liability, assists them with regulatory compliance, and provides payroll and tax services as well as other human resource expertise.

“Basically, we’re providing a way for the small business owner to get human resource services,” explained Ron Leibel of Kinghorn Insurance. “We can also help them comply with the myriad state and federal regulations.”

The Employer Protection Program helps small business owners either establish or audit their HR procedures. Human Resource professionals work with business owners to create everything from employee handbooks and orientations to job descriptions, salary services and employee relations assistance—all of which can help companies avoid sticky situations later. If employee related conflicts do arise, the service provides an Alternative Dispute Resolution, a private multi-step approach that’s been proven effective in resolving issues before they escalate into legal disputes. Employment Practices Liability Insurance is also included.

“Every small business owner needs it,” stressed Leibel. “It protects both their financial assets and their personnel assets.”

Attracting and retaining good employees can be difficult for any business, but Kinghorn’s Human Resource Solutions makes it a little easier by providing access to competitive benefits such as major medical, dental, vision, supplemental insurance, and 401(k) plans. “If two companies pay the same, but one has better benefits, that place of business is much more attractive for employees to come and stay,” said Leibel.

The Employer Protection Program provides both peace of mind and a competitive edge for small business owners. While professionals take care of time-consuming tasks such as processing payroll and reports, tax withholding, W-2 issuance, Social Security reporting and ensuring that businesses comply with Equal Employment Opportunity, the Fair Labor Standards Act, Family Medical and Leave Act, and the dozens of other governmental regulations, the business owner can focus on growing the business and customer base.

“People go into business to provide a service or product, not to do paperwork,” said Leibel. “We let owners get back to the focus of why they went into business to begin with.”

Kinghorn Insurance, a First Federal affiliate, has been in business in the area for over a hundred years, providing personal and business insurance as well as financial services. With locations in Bluffton, Ridgeland, and Hilton Head, Kinghorn acts as an agent for dozens of well-respected companies. For information on Human Resource Solutions, or any other insurance needs, contact Kinghorn Insurance at 785-2101 or 837-8000, or visit online at www.kinghorninsurance.com.

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