January 2007

All Jazzed Up at the Jazz Corner

Author: Della Bowling

Music only knows what the people feel, so what better way to begin celebrating a new year, than swinging to some jazz? It just feels good.

Nestled in the back corner of the Village at Wexford shopping center, The Jazz Corner embraces a perfect blend of elegant, entertaining sounds, international cuisine and world-class service that make for a fine sounding cultural experience.

The creation of this Hilton Head jazz club was a classically orchestrated project by cofounders Charles Swift and Bob Masteller. Both men share an innate passion for music and jazz, as well as a successful business background. Swift, a Princeton graduate, was immersed in the music and sounds of Jimmy Stewart and Brooks Bowman’s “East of the Sun.” Masteller was born a jazz legacy, raised by a family of musicians, playing in jazz clubs around New York.

The design of The Jazz Corner is based upon the owners’ experience and observation of the essential elements of a time-honored jazz club, including acoustics and sound quality, interior design and a mystical atmosphere. In addition, a “soul-kitchen” and menu were created that complement the sound and experience with international cuisine and creative cocktails to engage all the senses.

With a small, oval, uplifted stage, floor level and banquette table settings, a horseshoe shaped brass bar and decorative art lining the walls, the room design and sound quality replicate that of a New York City cabaret jazz club. These clubs were historically reminiscent of a family living room, inspired by music and jazz culture.

The Jazz Corner’s menu includes signature items such as Shrimp, Scallop & Blue Cheese Egg Rolls, Oysters Gillespie, Crispy Duck with a raspberry and blackberry sauce and Caribbean Baked Tilapia. The restaurant offers diverse international flavors to satisfy the palates of local guests as well as international musicians.

Presenting live music seven nights a week, The Jazz Corner has hosted artists such as Bob Alberti, Angie Aparo and Edwin McCain. Some of this year’s best acts include Scott Giddens, Bill Allred, Noel Freidline, and Christian Tamburr. The club will also celebrate a female spring series, hosting artists such as Annie Sellik, Spider Saloff, Lenore Raphael, Ali Reyerson and Marlene Ver Planck.

The Jazz Corner is also home to Sweet Jazz Recordings, which supports local and national artists, as well as published and unpublished compositions of jazz musicians.
“Our goal is to provide music, ideas, design, motivation and support to aspiring jazz musicians, composers, students and all those interested in preserving quality jazz sound and marketing,” said General Manager, Leslie Rohland.

The Jazz Corner has also established a non-profit Junior Jazz Foundation through the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry. The mission of this foundation is to provide instruments and equipment for the newest generations of young musicians through fund-raisers and periodic performances. The foundation will continue its efforts by supporting scholarships, education, and video access to interested students, as well as promote locally sponsored venues.

Visit the Jazz Corner often, and make this New Year a harmonic one with the best of jazz and the most unforgettable memories. For reservations or more information, call (843) 842-8620 or visit online at www.thejazzcorner.com.

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