January 2007

The Society of Orpheus & Bacchus Returns to Hilton Head Island

Author: Celebrate Hilton Head

On All Hallow’s Eve in 1938, twelve of the sweetest voices at Yale converged on Mory’s Temple Bar to form an a cappella group unlike any other. This group went without a name until they capitalized on a backhanded compliment received at a party—heard above the tinkle of ice was, “These SOBs are good!”
Working like feverish alchemists, these groundbreaking singers invoked the talents of Orpheus, minstrel to Olympus, and the legacy of Bacchus, god of revelry, knowing quite well that good music and good spirits are essential to the success of any party. Since that fateful night, The Society of Orpheus and Bacchus has seamlessly fused the ancient traditions of music and revelry with the hip attitude of every rock band that has ever made thousands of teenage girls scream for an encore.

The SOBs boast an eclectic repertoire with 68 years worth of arrangements, making them the longest running non-senior a cappella group in the nation—from Yale songs to jazz and blues standards, original compositions to straight-up rock & roll: The Beatles, The Band, The Eagles, Grateful Dead, Stevie Wonder—you name it! On tours, their music and comedy have made audiences laugh, cry, and go into spontaneous childbirth—from professional sports arenas to exclusive private parties, five-star resorts to White Houses, national television to the finest clubs in the world.

For two nights in January, you too can experience the Society of Orpheus and Bacchus as they return to Hilton Head Island as a stop on their winter tour. For two nights only they will be performing at Antonio’s, CQ’s, Old Fort Pub and Ocean Grille to the delight of music fans all over Hilton Head Island . Call 689-9100 to make your reservations today!

Concert Schedule:

January 2nd
6:30 – Ocean Grille
7:15 – Old Fort Pub
8:00 – Boathouse II

January 3rd
6:45 – Antonio’s
7:30 – CQ’s

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