August 2013

Busy Bees Fly to B's Kitchen

Author: Michael Paskevich | Photographer: Photography by Anne

A fter a long day of working, hosting visitors or even just chilling on the beach, there’s no need to sacrifice a hand-crafted meal to reward yet another deserving effort. Enter B’s Kitchen, a progressive culinary concept where all it takes is a phone call and a brief stop to arrive home happy with ready-to-heat repasts minus the prep time and subsequent clean-up hassle.

Tucked inside the well-established headquarters of Celebrations Catering and Events just off Marshland Road, B’s Kitchen offers a fresh retail twist on traditional take-out for folks who value both their time and health. “This is kind of a spin-off to reach out to people by offering fresh locally prepared items,” said Andy Borgmeirer, executive chef of both newly arrived B’s Kitchen and the parent catering company that’s been a Hilton Head Island mainstay since 1996.

“We do small-batch cooking from scratch and then freeze it to have it ready for pick-up,” he added. “It’s the same high-quality food that we buy from our suppliers for our high-end weddings, only in smaller individualized servings (4-6 people), using local products wherever possible and no preservatives. All they have to do is follow the cooking instructions, and after they’re finished they don’t have a big mess to deal with.”

Borgmeirer credits his father (Roger) for the idea of extending his kitchen skills beyond the flow of more formal one-time events catered by Celebrations. So the younger Borgmeirer created a menu of entrée favorites, including Grandpa’s Meatloaf and Aunt Lynn’s Stuffed Shells, plus side orders and desserts made ready for retail. The “B’s” moniker also makes rightful marketing reference to a clientele of “busy bees,” too busy for lingering cooking sessions.

“We’ve had moms stopping by with their kids on the way home from soccer practice,” said Molly Kennedy, a principal in B’s Kitchen in addition to her ongoing duties as Celebrations catering director. “Other people are picking up food for those who’ve been in the hospital or just had a baby. They stock up the freezer for them so they don’t have to worry about cooking. We’ve also been selling gift cards that people are giving to their neighbors, friends and teachers.

“You just call up and we’ll have it bagged and waiting for you,” Kennedy added, noting that dishes can be thawed in advance for people planning to enjoy them the same evening. “There are no preservatives in any of our food, so you’re not getting pre-packaged (commercial) food that’s usually so high in sodium.”

Big sellers include Chef Andy’s creamy chicken pot pie and thick-layered lasagna with Italian sausage. The convenience is matched by a comfortable cost that works out to just a few dollars per person, with entrées starting at less than $20. Customers have also called on B’s Kitchen for selections of side orders such as corn soufflé or molasses baked beans to round out their home-cooked entrées or to pick up cowboy cookies or a key lime pie for dessert.

B’s Kitchen recently expanded its market-style offerings to include seasonal salads and a “create your own” menu, plus family meal options that include all the trimmings. All orders are packaged in containers for easy re-heating that further eliminates post-meal clutter. Phone-ahead orders are processed weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and walk-ins are always welcome at B’s where everything is prepared in a well-equipped modern display kitchen.

“We have many items readily available if people want to buy them a la carte,” Borgmeirer said, “and we’re always excited when people stop in and we get to show them around and tell them what we do. Using high-quality ingredients makes for a high-end product, and all you have to do is enjoy your meal.”

B’s Kitchen is located at 12 Capital Drive (Capital Business Park), Hilton Head Island. Orders and pick-up are available 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday. For more information, call (843) 785-1185 or visit

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