December 2006

Scapbooking Made Simple at Remember When


I have a box of old photos, souvenirs, keepsakes, basic odds and ends that have followed me around through the years. At one time I had a professional organizer help me classify and sort the box: the early years as a young Wharton, awkward high school years, wild college days and more recently my life here on Hilton Head. It holds ticket stubs from various concerts, movies, Broadway shows and airline flights. To visualize the “box” I’m talking about, think along the lines of a container for a 72” television. This isn’t the shoe box that discreetly hides under my bed, it’s a monster that I recently cursed myself with when I moved it from the attic into my new house. Not only does this box of memories occupy valuable real estate in my home, but it is a constant reminder of my infection with the disease of procrastination. I’ve purchased all the accruements needed to bind this collection of recollections into a cleverly ordered scrapbook. However, the years continue to pass and I have no scrapbook to show for them.

I hate to be a braggart, but many friends of mine consider me to be quite crafty. Last summer when my best friend, Lauren got married I spent weeks cutting, pasting and stitching together a scrapbook spanning our 13 years of friendship. It turned out beautiful, but after about 30 hours of labor and a kitchen table that was covered in glue and stickers, I’ve since thought twice about taking another project. It always seems like such a challenge to get started and then to keep making new scrapbooks as the years pass. I assume that I’m not alone in this challenge of keeping the past alive, I know for a fact that I inherited this weak gene from my mother who shares the same drive to put pictures in albums but has a refrigerator box filled old photos in her attic as well.

Taking one step into, Remember When on Palmetto Bay, I felt so inspired to start a scrapbook, for real this time. This purveyor of absolutely everything you need to put together the perfect scrapbook is a haven for those avid crafters and an amazing place for the novice to start. Rebekah and Jeff Judisch’s store is a library of paper, ribbon, embellishments, stickers and die cuts. If you don’t know what a die cut is than you should sign up for one of their classes, so that you can customize your next project with paper cuts specifically for you, your family and your interests. Rebekah, a crafty lady for many years, only started scrapbooking a few years ago inspired by a relative’s beautiful collection of books. Rebekah started the store on Hilton Head after moving here from Minesota, not only does she get to enjoy the laid back life style of the lowcountry but, as she puts it, “just loves to be surrounded by all the cute things” that Remember When carries.

Specializing in various paper crafts, Remember When, stocks many exclusive, fine papers for card making and scrapbooking that are rarely found anywhere else. The shop is staffed by crafty personnel, Jill Raines and Deiha Torin, who can not only help you put a book together but also can customize scrapbook for you, if you’re not interested in the labor yourself. Visitors to the island will be happy to see all the Hilton Head themed projects with images of Harbor Town, biking, golfing and tennis.

In some families or groups there is that person constantly taking pictures at reunions and parties, maybe a wacky aunt whose house is outfitted with a craft room and every year of her life is chronicled in scrapbooks and albums. Then next time you see this person, sit her down, take some notes and then bring her to Remember When to teach you a thing or two about memory keeping. Just like any other family tradition, if you don’t have someone to pass it down to the next generation it will be lost. Remember When is a wonderful place to start your own traditions and keep your past alive. You’ll be glad ol’ Aunt Ida kept those scrapbooks and even happier when you’ve built your own collection.

Remember When
24A Palmetto Bay Road

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