November 2006

Dah-ling it's Better, Down Where it's Wetter - Under the Sea!

Author: Della Bowling

The holidays are here, and, if you’re looking for an admirable cause to ask for jewelry or buy it yourself, then consider shopping to save sea life.

Hilton Head Jewelers, located in Shelter Cove Plaza, features 14k nautical jewels designed in intricate detail and coastal fashion. Owners Chuck and Karen Coates are the Island’s exclusive jewelers of the renowned Wyland Sea Life Jewelry Collection. Now here’s the hook: Not only will you find nautical jewelry’s hottest and most elegant styles and designs, but you’ll also leave the store an environmental steward of the ocean! You guessed it; a portion of the proceeds from all Wyland Jewelry purchases is contributed to The Wyland Foundation’s endangered sea life trust funds.

Chuck and Karen Coates

The Hilton Head Jewelers’ charming showroom best resembles an imaginative, glass-encased aquarium, filled with rare, indigenous oceanic crown jewels and sea creatures. From black Hawaiian coral, Australian in-laid blue opal and black Tahitian pearls to gold-plated coral conch shells, gold and silver whale tails and dolphins diving through hoops of diamonds and blue opal, Hilton Head Jewelers features fashionable sea life at its finest.

Each nautical piece, signifying the underwater spirit and natural elegance of marine life, is designed not just as jewelry, but as a piece of art. Today, this rich appreciation for art and the aquatic environment has evolved into an art form known as “Marine-life art”, pioneered by world-renowned artist and renaissance ocean man, Wyland.

The highly acclaimed artist, represented locally for his sea life jewelry collection at Hilton Head Jewelers, has spent more than 22 years diving and researching sea life in its natural habitat in order to create a seamless replica of the many species that dwell under the sea. His signature designs include whales, dolphins, sharks, sea turtles, manta rays, colorful reef fish and vibrant coral reefs, among many other inspired sea creatures and habitats.

Extending far beyond just jewelry, Wyland shares this pioneered art form through paintings, sculptures, murals, underwater photography and inspirational writings. In fact, the Coates have their own personal collection of some of these pieces that are colorfully displayed along the walls of the jewelry showroom.

Hilton Head Jewelers is not only an active supporter of Wyland’s marine-life artwork, the store owners also support his international environmental efforts to preserve the endangered sea life and waterways that he so artistically recreates. Portions of the proceeds from all Wyland Jewelry sales at Hilton Head Jewelers are contributed to The Wyland Foundation charitable trust funds. The funds finance programs that educate and inspire new generations to help preserve and protect ocean life, such as the launch of The Wyland Ocean Challenge, considered one of the largest and most comprehensive art and science programs in history.

Wyland also leads environmental tours along the U.S. coastal regions and natural waterways to educate and promote his efforts. Wyland and his dive team, along with local friends and environmental supporters in the area, clean up the city’s waters and beaches. He most recently led an East Coast tour and on to the Mississippi Waterway.

“Not only does Wyland design great nautical jewelry,” said Chuck Coates, “he goes the extra mile to insure it represents the very best quality out there and then contributes the proceeds back to the environment.”

Make sure to stop by Hilton Head Jewelers for great Christmas gifts that will leave smiles on everyone’s faces—on shore and under the sea.

Hilton Head Island Jewelers
The Plaza at Shelter Cove

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