July 2013

Island Girl - Frills and Fancies For Girls of All Ages

Author: Rebecca Edwards | Photographer: Photography by Anne

The Fourth of July celebration evokes a sense of family, tradition, and the American entrepreneurial spirit—all attributes shared by Cheryl Klippel, owner of Island Girl in Coligny Beach and South Beach in Sea Pines Plantation.

“I started Island Girl in honor of my daughter Emily,” Klippel began. Emily is now 10 years old and sits beside her mom at Watusi (a café at Coligny, also owned by Klippel, that offers smoothies, frozen yogurt, coffee and a full lunch menu). Emily sports a shy side smile as Klippel rubs her back and looks over at her daughter. “I had two boys, Jack and Collin, and now all of a sudden I had a daughter. It opened my world to girls’ clothes. I wanted Hilton Head to have a place that offered dress-up clothes, tutus, and make believe, lacy, fairy dresses, and also pretty everyday wear. So I started it myself, and we really have had fun, right Emily?”

Emily nods, agreeing with her mother. When Emily was eight weeks old, Klippel tucked her snugly in a Baby Bjorn carrier and went to market for the first time. Since then, Emily has been helping build Island Girl’s image and inventory. “She wore these red patent leather shoes, and she was so cute that all the vendors wanted to give her things. We went away from there with so many gifts,” Klippel said.

Now Klippel will give Emily a merchandise book and let her mark the things she likes. Also, Klippel has promised Emily a “big girls” trip to the Atlanta market when she turns 12. When asked if she is looking forward to going, Emily’s wears her excitement like a party dress—vibrant and eye-catching. The answer is clearly, “Yes.”

Island Girl has grown with Emily, Klippel explained, first offering delicate, sweet smock dresses (“I cried when she stopped wearing smock dresses!”), and then older wear like KC Parker. Today, Emily loves the MOGO® magnetic bracelets and the TOMS® shoes.

Nowhere on the Hilton Head is there a better selection of TOMS for youths and adults, including classics, crochets, wedges, ballet flats and stitchouts in every color from muted and earthy to bright and playful. This vendor, in particular, truly embodies the Island Girl spirit.

“We offer Toms and about 14 other companies with give-back programs,” Klippel said. “I want to teach my children the importance of helping people locally and around the world.” Also, the TOMS line is so very Island Girl in that it is hip, stylish, easy to put on and take care of, beach ready/cocktail party appropriate and—perhaps most shop-friendly and noteworthy—affordable. (By affordable, think $40-$60 for a fun summer dress that you could wear to the South Carolina Yacht Club, to a beachside dinner party or comfortably around the house or pool.) Other items include jewelry, belts, purses, resort casual items, trendy jeans, an assortment of beach wear, and a veritable playground of Lilly Pulitzer items—from plastic wine glasses, to cell phone covers to umbrellas. All clothing items are sized small, medium or large (rather than 2, 4, 6, etc.), so shopping is simple, fun and girly.
Inspired by Emily, Island Girl plans to continue to mature and succeed.

To learn more about Island Girl or shop online, visit islandgirlhhi.com or call
(843) 686-6000, open seven days a week, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

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