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Wedding Section: 13 Trends in 2013

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Wondering what’s trendy in weddings and how to incorporate some “of the moment” details into your Big Day? We’ve got answers! We sat down with Alison Weinman and Molly Kennedy from Celebrations Catering & Events and Nancy Heird and Angela Mandigo of Gardenia’s to discuss the hottest trends in weddings for 2013.

13.Good-Bye to the Garter. A handful of girls clobbering each other to catch a cluster of flowers or the sometimes raunchy display of the groom removing the bride’s garter in front of family and friends are two trends that are going away. These cringe-worthy rituals will not be missed.

12.Twinkle, Twinkle. Lighting is a key element in setting the mood of any event. More and more lights are being incorporated—up-lighting, twinkling lights in trees, gels that reflect images onto a dance floor or wall, sparkling lit chandeliers hanging from branches or rafters… This trend is here to stay, because the pictures from the events are that much more spectacular. Celebrations Catering & Events works frequently with Hilton Head Event Lighting to achieve the desired effects.

11.Gatsby Glamour. Roaring ’20s-style black-tie weddings with a vintage flare make for luxurious and fun events. Vintage accents are popping up in unexpected elements such as a place card with a vintage pin attached to it or an old roadster whisking the bride and groom away.

10.Less Formal/More Intimate. Brides and grooms are hosting fewer seated dinners at receptions but more cocktail hours and small plate stations—events that say relax, eat and be merry with us.

9.Vintage is in when it comes to flowers as well, with “quaint” replacing the “bling” effect. The English Garden style of bouquets and arrangements, which is loose and more modest in size with natural soft tones of whites, creams and ivories with little or no greenery is trending. The cascade is once again becoming a requested style for today’s bride. The use of succulents with their wide array of shapes, sizes and colors is showing some staying power as is decorative burlap and lace. Many brides desire flowers reflecting their signature color(s) over naming specific flowers which allows the florist to be more creative and the end result, more budget friendly.

8.Beyond the Veil: The bride may take off the veil after the ceremony and change hair accessories for the reception—e.g. a beautiful flower, a brooch that was a family heirloom or feathers tucked into the hair. Her personality shines through these touches.

7.Mix and Match. Bridesmaids of the past were dressed identically, with matching hairstyles, dresses, shoes, even jewelry. Today’s bridesmaids are individuals. They may wear colors in the same color family, but their dresses and accessories reflect their most flattering style. When everyone feels good about how they look, it shows in their smiles.

6. Cocktails and Cookies or Sundaes at Sunset. A local trend is the late-night snack party. As a destination location for a wedding, the hosts want to entertain their guests who have traveled in but do not necessarily want to have a series of mini wedding receptions. This is a solution to limiting the attendance at the rehearsal dinner. Let the rehearsal dinner be for the wedding party and immediate family, followed by the cocktails and cookies party where all guests are invited. This starts the festivities for the wedding weekend and includes more guests without breaking the bank.

5.The Music Playlist. Remember when you would only hear Motown, ’80s tunes and hits off the pop charts at weddings? That won’t be the case in 2013. It’s the iPod generation now: Brides have 5,000 songs on something the size of their thumb. The result? They are dancing to a more customized music experience. They want electronic dance music, then Bruno Mars, Mumford & Sons, sexy Brazilian house or Bossa Nova. Another fun spin on the music scene is the silent disco, where a few guests put on headphones and dance to the music that only they can hear. It is funny and entertaining.

4.Pops of Color. Brides are kicking aside the classic white or ivory pumps in favor of bright pops of color, floral patterns, those bedazzled with bling, and even accentuated with feathers and lace. Most women stick with the traditional gown but go all out with their shoes to add an element of whimsy and reflect their personality. If towering neon heels are a little too wild for Grandma, it’s not like you’re going to see them all night long or in all the photos. All brides want people to remember specific details of their day, like, “Did you see her hot-pink shoes?” The pop of color might be the signature color of the wedding and can be used in unexpected ways.

3.Homestead Chic. It’s easy to see why “barn wedding” is one of the most-searched wedding-keyword combos on Google. Whether held at a farm, a plantation, a vineyard or a sunny garden, an outdoor wedding is sure to enchant. Simple rustic elements like burlap and twine are incorporated into decor and trimmings along with vintage and elegant accessories. 2013 weddings may be ultra-elegant, but they won’t get too serious.

2.Photo Fun. Another popular trend is the playful photo, made possible by bringing in a booth or setting up a wedding wall backdrop of hanging empty frames. Let’s not forget that it is a celebration! Have fun!

1.Personal Touches. Regardless of the trend, it is crucial that your day reflects who you are as a couple. Play up those elements so that when your guests walk in the room, they automatically know they are in the right place, because the room or site looks exactly like you. For example, when a southern belle from Georgia married a fiery redhead, they gave guests as a “take-away gift” a jar of peach and ginger jam, which they made and canned themselves. It reflected their creative personalities and their fun, easy going styles. Your personal touch is the best trend around!

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