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June 2013 Mayors

Author: Drew Laughlin and Lisa Sulka | Photographer: Photography by Anne

The Reality of Life in the Lowcountry

The beginning of June brings to close another school year, the beginning of summer, swimming, the beach, and the many outdoor activities we all enjoy. But with June also comes the start of hurricane season. With all the pleasures that come with living in the Lowcountry also comes the possibility of hurricanes. We at the Town of Hilton Head Island take that potential seriously and recommend everyone create or renew their emergency plans to safeguard themselves, family, home or business should we be impacted by a storm, and that includes evaluating your insurance coverage and knowing your evacuation routes if that becomes necessary.

The town, like many local governments, has taken steps to improve our preparedness for and ability to respond to and recover from the impacts of severe weather. Our plans are regularly reviewed, updated and exercised, and our personnel are trained and ready. We have an emergency reserve account, established many years ago, to assure funds would be readily available to begin recovery efforts should a storm occur.

While our town staff has and continues to prepare in every way possible, please remember that you are our most vital partner and that the plans you make to protect yourself and your family, home, and business do more than safeguard your loved ones and investments. The better prepared you are, the faster our communities will be able to recover. Numerous resources are available through the Town of Hilton Head Island and other government agencies to assist you in preparing and staying informed including:

The National Hurricane Center has information on preparedness and hurricane activity: http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/prepare and http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/?atlc

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) site for personal and business preparedness: http://www.ready.gov/

Beaufort County has several brochures on hurricane preparedness and insurance: http://www.co.beaufort.sc.us/about-beaufort-county/public-safety/emergency-management/brochures.php

South Carolina Emergency Management Hurricane Guide: http://www.scemd.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=142:south-carolina-hurricane-guide&catid=21:public-information

South Carolina Hurricane Evacuation Routes: http://www.sctraffic.org/evacroutes.html

The town’s Citizen’s Guide to Emergency Preparedness folder is available at Town Hall, our Fire and Rescue facilities, and on our website:

The town’s free E-Subscription Service allows you to receive emergency alerts via email or text. Subscribe for this free service at http://www.hiltonheadislandsc.gov/publicsafety/emergencyalerts.cfm

Hopefully we’ll have a quiet summer and be able to enjoy all that Hilton Head Island and the Lowcountry has to offer. Take some time now to prepare in case Mother Nature decides to send a tropical storm our way. Remember: having a personal and a business emergency plan will help you and our community recover faster.

Shrimp Boat Playground at DuBois Park
Town officials and members of the 2013 Hilton Head Island-Bluffton Chamber of Commerce Leadership Class officially opened the Shrimp Boat Playground at DuBois Park this past month. In addition to the traditional ribbon cutting, the class and town officials asked residents, their children and their pets to join them for their first ever Bluffton celebratory dance called “The Shrimp Boat Shake.” The dance, modeled after YouTube Sensation “The Harlem Shake,” was led by the Bluffton High School Dance Team.

Dance team members, dressed as shrimp boat captains, performed “The Shrimp Boat Shake,” as residents, their children and their pets served as the sea creatures for the dance.

The beauty of Bluffton is that we love to celebrate our town. What better way to introduce our town’s children to their newest playground than having them be the sea creatures for a landlocked boat? It was the perfect day, the perfect festival and the perfect energy for Blufftonians to be creative and have fun.

The 2013 Leadership Class raised more than $21,000 to fund the Shrimp Boat playground. A $5,000 parks and recreation development grant from the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism funded the new swing set at DuBois Park, adjacent to the Shrimp Boat playground.

The Leadership Class is a year-long program, sponsored by the Hilton Head Island-Bluffton Chamber of Commerce, which trains area professionals about each facet of the community such as the arts, environmental issues, growth management, law enforcement and so forth. The program is designed to prepare residents for community positions such as boards of directors, public office and other civic positions.

DuBois Park is located at 48 Boundary Street (a few blocks away from the Heyward House) which is at the intersections of Boundary and Lawrence and Boundary and Lawton.

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