May 2013

CH2 Goes Fishing

Author: Special To C2 Magazine

Top Left:
Hunter catches the first fish of the day on Joey’s boat, the Bonnie Ray.
It’s a whiting, the first of many caught that day in Port Royal Sound.

Top Right:
Catherine’s first catch of the day, a beautiful rock
with coral. We won’t be eating that for dinner.

Center: Kelly and Joey pose with a sheepshead.

Bottom Left: Let’s Go Fishing! Hudson’s and the shrimp boats faded from view as we started our adventure.

Bottom Right: The Bonnie Ray had six rods in the water at all times.
More rods = more chances of actually “catching” something.

Top Left: Look at the teeth on that sheepshead!
Top Left: Kandace, Kim, Maggie and Ashton smile for the camera.

Top Right: Grant catches a small rockfish. Collins laughs hysterically.

Center: Kandace & Collins show off their sheepshead.

Bottom Left: Our bait. Poor little china back fiddler crab. Maggie actually threw this one back in the water when no one was looking.

Bottom Right: A stop in Harbourtown to pick up some necessities; Four Grey Goose Pear & sodas at the Quarterdeck. Fishing is more fun with cocktails.

Top left: A rockfish, toadfish and a pelican pose for the camera.
All in all, we caught two sheepshead, two rock bass, 30 whitings, a large crab, oyster shells and a giant rock. Not bad for a day at sea.

Bottom Right: Kelly, Kandace, Kim, Hunter, Ashton, Catherine and Maggie enjoy the sunset at The Skull Creek Boathouse after pulling into dock.

A great big THANK-YOU to Grant, Collins and Joey for taking these landlubbers fishing for the day!

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