May 2013

CH2 Just Dress Me Contest Winner!

Author: Special To C2 Magazine | Photographer: Photography by Anne

1.Meet Jen Kronimus and Dana Spires.
These fashionable ladies own Just Dress Me. Their goal is to make you look fashionable and feel great. Last month they came to CH2 and offered their services to one lucky reader, who received eight hours of personal attention from these ladies.
The goal? Clean out the winner’s closet and organize it so outfits could be found and put together easily. That was the first part.

Part two of the contest involved personal shopping and styling with purchases from Palmettoes, Radiance & Gigi’s.

2. Meet Emily
She won the contest by submitting this photo of her messy closet. Looks like she could use some help.

In addition to Jen & Dana’s services, she also won a $300 gift certificate to Palmettoes, a $300 gift certificate to Radiance and a $300 gift certificate to Gigi’s Boutique. All just for submitting a picture. Now that’s a good day!

3. Closet Makeover
Jen and Dana descend upon Emily’s closet on a Saturday morning. First, they take everything out of it, which was no small task, as you can see.

Second, they start organizing based on what Emily is keeping in her wardobe and what is getting donated to charity. Next all the “keepers” are put back into the closet, neatly organized in groups of skirts, dresses, shirts, pants, etc.

4. Donate or Keep?



5. All Clean and Organized!

6. Let’s Go Shopping
Now that Emily’s closet has been reorganized, Jen & Dana have a better idea of the sorts of pieces she needs to complete her look.

First stop, Radiance in Harbourtown, where the owner, Linda Richards, greets the girls with a smile. Oh Yes, and Charley!

Next stop, Palmettoes in Sea Pines Center. Hi Dennis, Chuck & Mary Rose. Thanks for the awesome outfit!

Third and final stop was Gigi’s in Old Town Bluffton, where Emily tried on
(and bought) this cute dress & scarf.

After Emily’s shopping spree its time to show off her new look in the May issue of CH2 magazine! Hair & make-up was done by the professionals at All About Me.

Boot leg denim
Coral and beige stripe top
Wood necklace
Leather bracelet from Radiance
Cross body bag- olive/beige

Comments from Jen & Dana: “We chose to put Emily in this outfit to get her out of her comfort zone. She never would have paired this necklace with a striped shirt but we convinced her it was a great way to accessorize. Emily has a little boy, so we paired the outfit with this hands-free bag so she can hold him comfortably.”

From Palmettoes in Sea Pines Center
SALAAM V-Neck fitted top

Comments from Jen & Dana: “We loved how this ensemble made Emily look – so bright and cheerful. The skirt has a bohemian vibe (which is trendy right now) and was chosen for comfort. We love these colors for spring and summer.”

From RADIANCE in Harbourtown PRANA dress (one of the most popular items in the store!) Splendid White Cardigan Princess and Butch leather Bracelet From Emily’s closet- Tree of life necklace and flip flops- Dana’s wallet

Comments from Jen & Dana: “This dress was chosen because it most suited Emily. It’s “green” and that’s important to her as a vegetarian. The cardigan was chosen as a staple piece that everyone should have in her closet – it goes with almost everything. Plus, it’s lightweight so you can throw it in your bag for that quick run to the grocery store where it’s always freezing in the summer! The bracelet came from a very popular line that’s made in the USA, so of course we love that.”

From Gigi’s Boutique in Old Town Bluffton

Comments from Jen & Dana:
“This is an updated look for Emily- not her usual! It makes her look taller and the Aztec print, while trendy, is still within her comfort zone. Lots of the looks were chosen because they suited Emily’s personality and comfort level, which is what we try to accomplish when working with a customer. We did push some of her limits by adding accessories-whether her own or ones purchased on our shopping extravaganza. Some were even borrowed from a friend’s closet- because, well-isn’t that what girlfriends are for? Accessories help you step outside your comfort zone little by little.”

  1. WOW>>>is that my baby ?
    This is a wonderful article and what a great service.. I wish I had here in East Aurora, NY

    — Rebecca Suttell    May 2, 01:14 pm   

  2. LOVE this I would have died to have won this…maybe next time.

    — Beth Langston    May 6, 02:19 pm   

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